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Emblem Cannabis, a fully integrated Canadian healthcare and pharmaceutical company with the potential in a recreational marijuana market, to be generating $100 million in revenue, is led by a team of healthcare and Big Pharma executives, who have founded and run multi-billion dollar companies and have invested into the company. Emblem has a clear strategy across three verticals of marijuana production, patient education, and pharmaceutical production and is uniquely positioned within Canada’s large and growing medical and recreational marijuana industry. Emblem has a high quality, experienced management team who has aligned interests with shareholders by investing $6MM and has developed a track record of building successful multi-billion dollar healthcare companies. With a state-of-the-art production facility in Paris, Ontario up and running, Emblem’s first sales commenced in August, 2016. A planned expansion will allow a total production capacity of up to 16,000KG run rate.

Cash On Hand: $27m Revenues (Last Quarter): $38k Fixed Investment: $86m Shareholders Equity: $599m Gross Margin: 68%

- Strong management team, with executives from healthcare and pharmaceutical industries who have made substantial investment into the company - $32mm capital raised in 2016 enabling expansion of production capacity - Expansion of cannabis production capacity using capital raised in 2016 - Unique pharmaceutical formulations including gel caps, trans-dermal patches and pills - Partnership with Lift, a leading cannabis information provider, to offer Liv by Lift, a limited edition strain