Source: By Cody Willard Feb 27

You say wanna’ invest in the legalized marijuana revolution? You think Blackberry can avoid its fate of doom as I’ve said for years now? Read on with this week’s must-read headlines along with my patented Revolution Investing commentary for each.

Deeper thoughts on bitcoins and marijuana stocks — You will likely lose all your money playing penny stocks, especially playing hyped-up penny stocks. Sigh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some stellar investments to play the legalization of marijuana in the US. The best stocks for legalized pot are companies that will supply the coming industrial-sized marijuana farms, such as Calgone  CCC -0.55% , Lindsay  LNN -0.54% and Aegion AEGN -0.39% . It’s not a direct line (yet), but companies like $CCC, $LNN, each of which I own personally for years now, are the best legalized pot plays. $AEGN too.

Aegion Reports 2013 Earnings – For example, Aegion’s latest quarterly report states, “Aegion’s success in 2014 will be based on the favorable market outlook supporting water and wastewater, Brinderson, corrosion engineering and cathodic protection, and the industrial linings businesses. Collectively, these businesses are expected to account for over 80 percent of consolidated revenues and an even greater share of profits in 2014. Expectations for the smaller project-based businesses reflect a balanced view of the relative opportunities and risks inherent in 2014.”  As legalized marijuana creates industrial-size pot farms, are these Aegion $AEGN items not going to be in direct demand: “water and wastewater, Brinderson, corrosion engineering and cathodic protection, and the industrial linings businesses.” I’ll be doing a full report on this Revolution Investing in marijuana concept in an upcoming Revolution Investing newsletter. Speaking of the newsletter…

RFMD and Triquint shares surge on all-stock merger – I’d been all over Triquint  TQNT -2.08% as a long in the Revolution Investing model portfolio for the last few months. I want to give a special thanks to @RobertMarcin who prompted me to dig further into Triquint $TQNT, proving once again why I call him the best value investor I’ve ever known. Nice pop and gain since we owned it. We’ll take it.

BlackBerry’s WhatsApp Valuation Derailed by BBM – Facebook bought Whatsapp because its STILL GROWING. Blackberry BBRY +2.20% and its messenger and its ecosystem are doomed — as I’ve said since the stock was above $100. I don’t think Microsoft, Google or anybody else wants the BBM messenger. Nobody wants AOL for its IM tech either. If $BBRY got up into the teens, I think it’d probably be a good idea to nibble on some $10 or $8 or so long-term puts. But it certainly could get bubbly in this market before its next crash.

Merrill stands by $65 call on Tesla stock  – I was beginning to think I was the only bear on Tesla  TSLA -1.40% . I’m not short yet, but I do plan to short the “Giga”-word-dependent company some day.

Bitcoin On The Brink – Interesting from Investor in the Family. Spoiler: He agrees with my column that the Mt Gox issue could actually be a good thing for bitcoin.

How High Can Gold Soar? – I think there might be one last manipulated trashing of gold prices and silver prices by the big banks and the metal exchanges, maybe over the next month, to try to get one more panic in the gold holders to puke out some physical gold into the markets. Mid- and long-term I think gold is headed to $3,000 and then at least onto $10,000 before I die.

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