Source: The Daily Bell December 28, 2014

High Alert Investment Management is pleased to bring you this brief summary of some of the week’s top stories from the burgeoning worldwide cannabis legalization and decriminalization trend. Savvy investors and cannabis industry insiders already know this sector is one to be keeping a close eye on, and at High Alert, we’ve been watching keenly and covering it at The Daily Bell since late 2013. Many casual observers will also be interested in following a trend that is already strongly affecting the state of liberty, economics and health care around the world.

The Daily Bell’s new website now features Trend Trackers and Special Reports in the main menu. We especially encourage readers interested in the cannabis trend to view two special video reports we’ve prepared on the cannabis industry and one company we think accredited investors may wish to look at more closely. Watch those here: The Trillion Dollar Race for Cannabis and Marijuana Stocks Are Losers.

Mainstream Media Legalization Promotion Continues to Build

This week at The Daily Bell we pointed out a somewhat shocking editorial posted at Reuters that suggested US Fedgov will legalize marijuana in 2015. Of course, we’ve been talking about the cannabis legalization trend since late 2013 and haven’t predicted exactly when this federal shift would happen in the US, though we’ve long stated it was just a matter of time. What’s surprising is to find this level of support in mainstream media. And as longtime trend watchers, we’re well aware once mainstream media jumps on a bandwagon it’s most certainly a “sanctioned” movement underway. The pro-legalization bandwagon has been piled on at this point, and no doubt those struggling with the fedgov vs. state battles we’ve been pointing out will be most relieved to start working on unified policy that can be implemented across the US. Not that we’re pro-policy, of course. Nonetheless, as society around the world collectively moves from the failed War on Drugs to an international agreement that this madness must end, regulation and more regulation is what we’ll have to live with, at least for a long while. We’ll continue to watch the churning of regulatory mechanisms as the starts and stops, bumps and lumps get worked through in the coming months and years. For now, here’s an article at The Daily Bell analyzing Reuters’ editorial: “Reuters Shock: Fedgov Legalizes Cannabis Next Year?

Medical Cannabis Entrepreneurs Get ‘No’ Ruling in LA

As the cannabis sector blossoms, businesses are growing up everywhere to serve the myriad needs of the new market. Everything from vending machines to seed-tracking software to financial tools have been introduced in the last couple years. In fact, many of the cannabis-related stocks now publicly trading are of companies providing such products and services. But in Los Angeles, as reported at, “[a] smartphone-based service that arranges deliveries of medical marijuana was ordered by a judge Tuesday to stop the practice in Los Angeles, with attorneys for the city arguing it violated the provisions of a voter-approved measure limiting medical pot dispensaries. … The order granted by Superior Court Judge Robert H. O’Brien prevents Nestdrop from taking part ‘in any conduct that would facilitate, aid or abet the delivery of marijuana in the city of Los Angeles.’ ‘Delivery of medical marijuana under Proposition D is simply not permitted, and a court validated that construction of Proposition D just about an hour ago,’ [City Attorney] Feuer said after the hearing.” Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher stated: “Patients use Nestdrop in order to have their medicine delivered, often because they are either too sick from their symptoms or unwilling to inconvenience a friend or loved one that would need to go to the collective on their behalf. Nestdrop also helped to add legitimacy to an industry that needed it and we helped patients feel more secure and confident in their choices.”

Future Cannabis Attorneys Tackle Changing Legal Landscape

Law schools are beginning to offer courses to help soon-to-be attorneys keep up with the changing cannabis regulations, according to The Wall Street Journal in “At Law Schools, a New Crop of Marijuana-Themed Courses.” For instance, Vanderbilt now offers Marijuana Law and Policy, which promises “The course description promises “an in-depth look at the competing approaches to regulating marijuana, the rationales behind these approaches, and where legal authority resides for choosing among them.” University of Denver’s Professor Sam Kamin will offer “Representing the Marijuana Client.” “Almost every lawyer in the state needs to know something about this,” he told the National Law Journal. “I’ve had people asking me to teach this class for a while. They’re hungry for this knowledge.” Santa Clara University School of Law’s Professor David Ball will offer a “mini think tank” about California issues if recreational cannabis is legalized. All three courses begin in the spring 2015 semester.

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