Source: Seeking Alpha

CannLabs Inc. (OTCQB:CANL) press release detailing that its StrainData platform will provide certified testing data to the Americanex Cannabis Exchange, “the first fully electronic cannabis marketplace in which cultivators, wholesale distributors and retail vendors can buy, sell, or exchange their inventories in a fully transparent intra-state market (SOURCE: CANL Americanex PR)”, is a big deal and it is an endorsement of the revenue generation potential of StrainData. I continue to recommend a long position in CANL on all durations.

Readers who have followed the CANL story might recall in my most recent article detailing StrainData that I thought this platform as a whole (the testing and the follow-on public disclosure of tested results – the verification of use cases essentially) was a huge barrier to entry for competition (which is non-existent at this point) and a huge magnet to the top of the CANL testing sales funnel. It appears both theories are playing out with today’s…

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