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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When Deena Goldwaser worked at a florist shop, she often helped bachelors pick between roses and tulips.

“I can not tell you the number of single men who walked in wanting to buy roses for the mother of their girlfriends but I steered them towards buying tulips instead,” Goldwaser says. After all, tulips are a sign of friendship, whiles roses are for romance. “Most of them didn’t know the difference.”

The Rutgers University graduate wants to apply her knowledge of flowers to the marijuana industry. She’s been applying for jobs at dispensaries all over the country, including New Jersey.

“Flowers and marijuana are very similar,” she said. “I have a green thumb.”

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Some 17.5 million Americans live in states that have authorized retail marijuana, and 148 million live in pro-medical marijuana states, according to WeedHire’s fourth-quarter jobs report.

“There’s an opportunity for those without a college education to get in on the ground floor and build a career,” says David Bernstein, chief executive of WeedHire. “Manufacturing and distribution jobs that pay more don’t necessarily require a college degree because marijuana business owners value hard workers who are committed and trustworthy.”

It’s not only Goldwaser’s college degree that will come in handy in securing a job in the marijuana industry, but also the retail experience she gained working at a flower shop for four years.



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