Carlsbad isn’t the first city in San Diego County to consider a ban on e-cigarette use
By Candice Nguyen
| Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013 | Updated 8:41 AM PST


Carlsbad residents may soon see fewer people using e-cigarettes in public places.

City councilmembers are expected to consider a proposal Tuesday that would ban e-cigarette use wherever smoking is prohibited.

The proposal cites a 2009 FDE analysis that found the substance inhales contains carcinogens. It also points out “The possible health effects of bystanders breathing or absorbing these vapors [are] unknown.”

NBC 7 spoke to Max Velinsky, the owner of Mix Vapes in Carlsbad. His business sells e-cigarettes.

“I feel it’s trying to get swept under the rug. People don’t understand it and want to get rid of it before anyone understands it,” Velinsky said. “If people just have common courtesy, it’s fine. Regulation, I don’t necessarily agree.”
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Carlsbad isn’t the first city in San Diego County to consider such a ban. Last October, Vista approved a similar ordinance. The mayor supported the change saying it’s hard to distinguish e-cigarettes from regular ones.

Carlsbad resident Ryan Fournier supports an ordinance. He said e-cigarette users shouldn’t vape just anywhere.

“There are lots of kids out here, and they’re wondering what it is and people are fighting to say it should be accepted, but I’m not for accepting it,” Fournier expressed.

Carlsbad city councilmembers will consider the recommendation at their meeting on Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.