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March 31, 2014 / The Marijuana Index – the first and only equity tracking index for marijuana stocks, cannabis stocks, and hemp stocks featuring dynamic financial content, charts, and centralized press for public companies – experienced several significant (positive) events during an otherwise turbulent month (beware the Ides of March, indeed).

While certainly not consolation to investors who experienced corresponding losses in their portfolio – several indicators of interest in The Marijuana Index illustrate a broader macro-economic perspective for public markets.  The index team received requests from prestigious publications and media on a global scale in March, and hopes to soon announce a major sponsor from a former analyst turned publisher whose newsletter has been regarded for decades.  Needless to say, said newsletter author has their eyes on what they expect to be an emerging bull market, and the index is fortunate to have been targeted by such an accomplished individual.

Previous publications which have featured or interviewed this living legend include Barron’s, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, Businessweek, and Time (to name a few).  Subscribers to The Marijuana Index Newsletter will be the first to receive information on this new likely sponsor, which may even feature an exclusive article or regular contributions to The Marijuana Index content.

Index constituents succumbed to a landslide of selling pressure while the index overall collapsed in valuation – shedding 8.23% on Friday alone (UPDATE:  the index closed at $18.45 on Monday).  As discussed in a previous press release – The Marijuana Index recognizes the challenges inherent with weighting the first and only equity index for this industry, which contains highly volatile micro- and small-cap issuers.    Is it Retracement?  Index Dips to $17.95 (UPDATE:  Rebounds Slightly Monday to Close at $18.45)

The recently executed letter of intent discussed below also make complex weighting, such as the system employed by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, more important as The Marijuana Index evolves and expands as the global leader for marijuana equities.  The Marijuana Index could employ a price weighted system, with various considerations for new and removed listings, or events such as spin-offs and stock splits.  These changes will be highlighted first to free subscribers of The Marijuana Index Newsletter.

175,000 US Jobs Added in February

The US Department of Labor announced Friday that employers added 175,000 jobs during the month of February 2014 – while unemployment advanced slightly to 6.7%.  The data urges reflection on an often overlooked aspect of a burgeoning marijuana economy in the United States.

Much of the current media coverage surrounding positive financial impacts of marijuana tends to focus on tax revenues – with Colorado reaping $2 million in taxes during the month of January 2014 alone.  An understated financial benefit of legal marijuana includes the jobs the industry creates throughout the supply chain.

Consider for a moment that legal marijuana represents a potential $50 billion industry in the United States (just product).  In a hypothetical federally legal marijuana environment in the United States – how many new jobs might this represent?  How much money is saved on enforcement of petty possession?  What sort of impact does $50 billion in circulation create from legitimate business owners – cash that may have been stashed away as “mattress money” ten years ago, or even sent to other countries?  What is the economic impact of newly circulated money which now goes to hard-working Americans employed by the marijuana industry, instead of the private prison systems lining their pockets from enforcement of minor ‘crimes’ of possession, hoping to endlessly curtail legalization efforts for their own benefit?

The answers to these questions aren’t known, but clearly demonstrate a broader and more sweeping financial event than immediately meets the eye.  The public has spoken, and the fact that even conservatives have “come around” show almost virtual certainty that change is coming (the United States is a democracy, right?)

Unprecedented Events for Public Marijuana Markets…  The Focal Point?  The Marijuana Index

Further entrenching The Marijuana Index as the top information destination for marijuana, cannabis, and hemp investors – a confidential letter of intent has been executed wherein the index, including several new websites in development and an iPhone and Android-based app, would be acquired by a forthcoming closed-end fund registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.  Terms of the acquisition are confidential and are expected to be released within the next 30-45 days, complete with disclosures pursuant to the act.

The acquisition and deal is subject to various circumstances, including (but not limited to) regulatory approvals and sufficient capitalization.  Contingent upon finalization and approvals, details will be provided to subscribers of The Marijuana Index free newsletter and via press release.

Television, radio, print, and online media who wish to receive information or future possible interviews should subscribe to the newsletter, and e-mail contact details to [email protected] (no information will be provided unless and until the transaction is finalized and announced formally).

Visit to sign up for the free newsletter – this is something subscribers and loyal index visitors won’t want to miss.  The Marijuana Index would like to express gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors, issuers, and media during more than a year of tremendous growth and transition.  First launched during Q1 2013 – The Marijuana Index has become a globally recognized brand in just over 14 months.

As previously detailed, The Marijuana Index will also launch multiple tiers in Q2 – with one primary “portal” website detailing all tiers and index charts including a new blog and extended team of writers.  The tier system will also present three distinct websites consisting of 1) SEC reporting issuers in the US, 2) non-reporting issuers in the US, and 3) Canadian issuers.  Hopeful companies who await potential listing in the indices may be contacted in the coming weeks as the three tiers expand to reflect additional market entrants.  This new index model is the foundation for a global plan for marijuana issuers centralized on The Marijuana Index and its various existing and forthcoming media properties, both online and offline.

Recapping an Eventful 2014

1)  The Marijuana Index expects to be involved in a feature film intended for theatrical release featuring the dynamic marijuana business, prominent players, and possibly public companies involved in the industry;

2)  The Marijuana Index could be the foundation of the first publicly traded, dedicated marijuana, cannabis, and hemp fund (subject to regulatory approvals and other factors);

3)  The Marijuana Index is launching a multi-tier system to differentiate SEC-reporting issuers from non-reporting issuers, as well as a dedicated Canadian index, including a host of new media properties;

4)  The Marijuana Index is in early production discussions for television and radio shows with incredible, experienced broadcasters and media experts – the anticipated media would be dedicated to public marijuana company plans, executives, products, technology, and marijuana entrepreneurs;

5)  The Marijuana Index was approached by numerous respected, global media sources wishing to profile the index – and hopes to soon finalize sponsorship from a former analyst who has graced the pages of the top financial publications in the world.

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Sample Headlines & Recent News

Plandai Biotechnology (OTCQB:  PLPL), who last month executed a licensing agreement with former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively’s controversial brand Diego Pellicer, discussed intentions to develop Diego Pellicer Gold™.  These extracts would come in capsules and in cannabis oil for vapor use in Pheroid™ and non-Pheroid™ to appeal to a large demographic of medicinal consumers.

Latteno Foods (PINK:  LATF) outlined various initiatives for 2014 in Medical Marijuana — the company recently reported that revenues for the fourth quarter of 2013 totaled $4,097,877.  This stated total would increase 2013 revenues to $15,100,739.  The issuer detailed that full 2013 financial statements, together with OTC Disclosure and legal opinion are expected to be filed with OTCMarkets shortly.  The company is not yet considered a reporting issuer by OTCQB standards and is expected to join The Marijuana Index:  Pink tier shortly.

Tweed & LWI Capital Pool (TSX Venture:  LWI.H) previously announced a letter of intent in January wherein Tweed would become among the first producers in Canada to become publicly traded through a reverse-takeover.  Tweed means “weed” in Canadian (surely we jest).  All kidding aside, Tweed has fantastic branding and was “established to supply an unmatched selection of premium medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite.”  If their web design and brand is any indication — Tweed is certainly a company to watch as marijuana hopes to take the previously mining-focused TSX Venture exchange by storm.  Should the merger complete, Tweed is likely to be among the first issuers featured in The Marijuana Index:  Canada.

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About The Marijuana Index 

Network partners of marijuana media leaders Cannabis Financial Network (, The Marijuana Index was founded in Q1 2013 and represents the first and only registered equity tracking index for marijuana stocks, cannabis stocks, and hemp stocks – providing investors and listed companies with dynamic market data and streaming content.  Currently detailing more than thirty publicly traded issuers (with a multiple tier system forthcoming, including a dedicated Canadian tier), The Marijuana Index provides marijuana investors and interested observers with a medium for research, charts, and a centralized news source.

Readers are urged to visit for up-to-date information and to sign up for updates.  Follow The Marijuana Index on Twitter @MarijuanaIndex.

Companies or websites wishing to advertise on the index should contact [email protected] – advertising packages are now available.  The index site surpassed more than 380,000 unique visitors and more than 800,000 page views in March 2014 alone, and expects continued exponential growth.  The index, with new forms of online and offline media launching soon, hopes to eventually achieve 5,000,000 or more unique visitors monthly.


The Marijuana Index (MJX Marijuana Index, the “index”) is a data aggregation service and does not provide promotional efforts, other than sponsorship or visual advertisements, unless otherwise noted.  The Marijuana Index does not offer investment advice.  Nothing listed on or within this release is an offer to buy or sell securities.  Readers are cautioned against using information obtained from The Marijuana Index as a basis for any investment decision.  The Marijuana Index makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of posted or streamed information.  The Marijuana Index was not paid by any companies listed within this press release, but reserves the right to buy or sell shares in listed or mentioned companies without notice.  The word “registered” above as it relates to the index is not meant to imply registration with the SEC – The Marijuana Index has been registered with leading financial content provider Quotemedia with the ticker ^MMJ since Q1 2013.  The Marijuana Index makes no expressed or implied warranties or representations regarding the forthcoming changes to the index, tier system, current and future features of the website, or any company listed on the index or their performance.  The Marijuana Index makes no warranties or representations regarding the executed letter of intent which may or may not finalize via material definitive agreement and closing, in which the index may be acquired by a closed-end fund, which is subject to various factors.

For more information on the index disclaimer, visit and click on “About” and “Disclaimer.”


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