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Though the end of cannabis prohibition will do a world of good for reducing our over-crowded prisons and creating an entirely new industry in the U.S., it will also generate a huge number of new jobs that the U.S. desperately needs. That alone should have politicians on both sides of the aisle supporting the emerging cannabis industry. And we finally have hard proof from Colorado that real job creation is a great side effect of marijuana legalization.

Since Colorado’s passage of Amendment 64, it has seen a small boom in job growth. Colorado’s marijuana industry makes up only about 0.4 percent of all employment in a state with more than 2.6 million jobs, but that’s still a decent number of jobs in a nascent industry in a single state. The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates Colorado already has around 10,000 people directly involved with marijuana, with more expected as demand for recreational marijuana increases. MIG says it is hard to separate how many of those 10,000 jobs are tied to recreational marijuana and which are exclusively on the medical side, but at least a few thousand jobs came during and after the commencement of recreational sales. These numbers do not even include those in ancillary services like attorneys, constructions workers, consultants, realtors, delivery personnel, electricians, testing companies, who are able to make a living or supplement their earnings from legalization. This also does not account for the multiplier effect from marijuana taxes funding government services.

Combine job creation with robust State tax revenue and smart politicians are going to have a tough time saying no to legalization when they actually get around to it. And maybe we vote out those who are not so smart.

Jobs as the antidote to reefer madness. Who knew?

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