Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN), a global ODM and OEM manufacturer of electronics, recently announced that its subsidiary Re-Medical Inc. has setup operations in the State of Washington to effectuate delivery of cannabis transdermal patches. Efforts are now underway to secure a medical marijuana license by filing the necessary paperwork alongside its similar efforts in Colorado.

After signing a patent agreement in February with Microsoft Inc. (NASDAQ: MSFT), the company announced its entry into the medical marijuana business. Re-Medical Inc. is focused on the delivery of transdermal marijuana patches in states where it’s legal, as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals or pain management procedures.

Read the entire press release announcing the move here:

Hop-on, Inc (OTC Pink: HPNN) (PINKSHEETS: HPNN) is pleased to announce today that Re-Medical, Inc. has set up a subsidiary company in the State of Washington to effectuate delivery of cannabis transdermal patches. The Company is negotiating to purchase a medical marijuana license in the State of Washington as well as working with an attorney to file for its own license. These operations in Washington State are in parallel with similar efforts underway in Colorado.

Re-Medical’s mission is to provide solutions for patients with pain desiring to use cannabis as a nutraceutical alternative to traditional or prescription medications. Re-Medical is a Hop-on company focused on alternative ways to deliver vitamins, supplements and other healthful products such as cannabis, utilizing transdermal patches. Re-Medical has developed and isolated the benefits of cannabis and other vital plant extracts for best patient care. There are an estimated 80+ cannabinoids found in cannabis, providing many distinctive effects. The company is currently applying for patents regarding the delivery of cannabis via transdermal patches. Re-Medical patches offer cost effective, accurate and clean delivery of these unique compounds.

Re-Medical’s transdermal patch has a variety of choices for both high THC and high CBD cannabis users to medicate in a precisely dosed, discreet, clean delivery method. Re-Medical offers the high THC and high CBD transdermal patches in 10mg and 20mg doses. More information can be found online at http://www.Re-Medical.com/.


Hop-on, Inc. is a global ODM and OEM manufacturer of electronics, based in the United States. Over the past 20 years, Hop-on has successfully secured essential patents for mobile communications and computing technologies, and is respected for developing the world’s first disposable cell phone. Hop-on’s focus on smartphones and innovative mobile device applications is bringing cost friendly solutions to today’s demanding world market. Hop-on is also diversified in delivering cannabis remedies. For more information, please visit www.hop-on.comwww.usacig.com and www.re-medical.com

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