Source: SeekingAlpha / Jan 20 2015

Long has been the stigma that marijuana stocks are something to be leery of especially with how many portfolios have been riddled with losses during the midst of the marijuana blitz. Analyzing the industry as a whole and looking back at the first year in history where marijuana has been legal, we can really study what the good investments were and what trades were not so profitable.

With such a burgeoning space there is way more "noise" that can affect the success of companies involved within this space. These include local business chambers of commerce, political opposition, and federal regulation, but one aspect that flies under the radar, so to speak, has been involvement within biotech and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, hemp’s legal status has made it an attractive target for companies looking to steer clear of the conflicting U.S. law that surrounds the medical cannabis…

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Source: SeekingAlpha (January 20, 2015 – 12:25 PM EST)News by QuoteMedia