Source: March 12, 2014 By Allen Clifton

States like Colorado and Washington get the most headlines lately when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, and rightfully so. They became the first two states in the United States to legalize the substance for recreational purposes.

But it was actually California that laid the groundwork for marijuana 20 years ago when it became the first state to legalize it for medical purposes.

Logic would then dictate that California should have been the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, considering they were the pioneers for using the substance medically.  Except that wasn’t how things worked out.

A few years ago, California tried to pass full legalization via a badly written bill that failed to even get the support of some of the most avid pro-marijuana groups.


Now there’s a new push in California for legalization that’s got the support of the entire state Democratic legislature and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

There’s just one problem – Governor Jerry Brown is staunchly against legalization, though his reasoning behind it is based entirely off stereotypes instead of facts.  Brown’s opposition to marijuana legalization essentially boils down to his “concerns” about how the United States might “lose its competitive edge.”  Whatever the heck that means.

Well, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom made a bold stance the day after Brown’s remarks, declaring that California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes 20 years ago and it’s time California legalizes it for all adults much in the same way tobacco and alcohol is regulated and taxed.

A move, again, that has the full support of the state’s Democratic party and the Lt. Governor.

It’s essentially created somewhat of a “civil war” if you will within the state, between the vast majority of California Democrats and Governor Brown.

But even though Governor Brown opposes legalization, it won’t matter.  As I’ve said before, it’s not a matter of if marijuana will eventually be legal in the United States, but when.  

Colorado and Washington got the ball rolling and now other states have begun lining up similar legislation to legalize marijuana for more than just medical purposes.

So Governor Brown might not like the idea of marijuana legalization, but he better start warming up to the idea, because I can assure him that it’s coming to California very soon.

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