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This Sunday, April 20, is going to be the first 420 since recreational marijuana has been legal.

Denver has countless events revolving around the holiday, and people from all over not just the country but the world, will come to the city to celebrate the freedom of smoking weed.

As of now, Denver has more than 60 recreational shops, and there soon will be more, since the city issued about 130 licenses for retail sale in January. Last year at the infamous 4/20 rally, there was a shooting that, while not fatal, resulted in three injuries. This year, the city is trying to keep it more controlled, especially with the public versus private consumption laws.

The Mile High City will be packed with things to do this weekend, even for someone who is not a regular pot smoker. Many of the events and festivals are pricey, but below is a list of the most cost-efficient ways to celebrate 4/20 this year.

Events around the Mile High City:

The Annual 420 Rally:

The rally — now festival — taking place downtown at Civic Center Park this year is amped up from previous years. In the past, there’s always been music, food and vendors, but this year the city of Denver is bringing in headliners to entertain for two days of a smoke-filled event. Artists include Wyclef Jean, Zion I, The Expendables and Sunsquabi to perform on the stage in the park.

Price: Free Dates/Time: 4.19-4.20 all day
Location: Civic Center Park


Even on 4/20, it wouldn’t be a holiday in Denver without a bar crawl. #YesWeCannabis’ Pub Crawl is a three-day, pot-themed bar crawl downtown, starting at 1515 Bar Lounge. Tickets are available for purchase at

Price: $10 Dates/Time: 4.18-4.20, 5 p.m.
Location: Starts at 1515 Market St.

Puff, Pass & Paint: 

Local artist Heidi Keyes is hosting her Puff, Pass & Paint class at her Capitol Hill home on 4/20 for stoners who are looking for a relaxed holiday. Keyes’ painting classes are a spin-off of the well-known painting and wine classes, where a small group of people gather to paint a Colorado-themed painting. Sign up for the classes are at
Price: $40 Dates/Time: 4.20, 2-4 p.m.
Location: 1324 Williams St.

Festival 64:

Denver Kush Club is hosting a three-day cannabis-themed event at The 1-Up Colfax, called Festival 64: A Celebration of Legalization revolving around music on their new stage inside the arcade. Performers at the event include Signal Path, Allen Aucoin (The Disco Biscuits) and Ultraviolet Hippopotamus. To purchase tickets for all three nights or single nights, go
Price: $10-$15/Time: 4.19-4.20, 7 p.m.
Location: 717 E. Colfax Ave.

Rubedo v. WSC:

One of the perks of to going to this 4/20 event is the first 50 attendees receive a “special brownie” at the door. Rubedo, along with Wheelchair Sports Camp, will be performing stoner-favorite covers at The Meadowlark in the RiNo district. Tickets available at the door.
Price: $5 Dates/Time: 4.20, 7 p.m.
Location: 2701 Larimer St.

Julian Marley: 

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without a hit of some Marley. One of Bob Marley’s sons, Julian Marley, will be performing at Casselman’s Bar & Venue to kick off the holiday weekend on April 18. Casselman’s is known for hosting pot-themed events, even though their new rules prohibit smoking inside the venue. Tickets are available at
Price: $20 Dates/Time: 4.18, 8 p.m.
Location: 2620 Walnut St.


Colorado Marijuana Facts

When Colorado became a state in 1876, both marijuana and industrial hemp were legal.

In 1917, Colorado made the use of marijuana a misdemeanor.

In 1929, the state made the consumption of pot a felony.

In 2000, Colorado became medical marijuana friendly.

In Aug. 2007, Sensible Colorado sued the state and won, allowing caregivers to provide medicine to any number of patients that needed their help.

CU Boulder was the place for the 4/20 celebration. In 2012, fish fertilizer was spread throughout the Norlin Quad on campus by school officials in attempt to prevent it.

In 2013, two people were shot at the 4/20 rally in Civic Center Park. No one was seriously injured.

On Jan. 1, 2014, Colorado along with Washington became the first states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older.

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