MassRoots, a new social network for the medical cannabis community with over 25,000 active users, announced that it raised $150,000 in seed investment from members of the ArcView Group and is open to accredited investors interested in the cannabis space.

Read the full press release discussing the seed investment here:

MassRoots, the social network for the medical cannabis community, is pleased to announce it has closed $150,000 in seed investment from members of the ArcView Group. The funding comes on the heels of MassRoots surpassing 25,000 active users and facilitating more than 28 million photo views in the month of December alone.

“We’re thrilled to welcome a diverse group of top-tier investors to the MassRoots team,” stated Co-Founder Isaac Dietrich. “We look forward to their insight and strategic guidance as we scale MassRoots to hundreds of thousands of users.”

With Colorado becoming the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, investors across the country are looking to profit off what ArcView Research recently found to be, “The Fastest Growing Industry in America.” Unlike most investment opportunities in the cannabis industry, MassRoots is an ancillary business — it never touches marijuana itself — making it a far less risky investment than a dispensary or grow operation.

Launched in July 2013, MassRoots is an App-based social network dedicated entirely to high-quality cannabis content. Unlike other social networks, MassRoots does not require a users’ name, email or phone number to join — giving users a level of privacy and anonymity.

“By creating a network for the cannabis community, MassRoots is connecting tens of thousands of marijuana consumers, building a marketing and distribution channel for legal cannabis, and empowering the legalization movement itself,” stated Co-Founder Isaac Dietrich. “In the process, we are creating a unique and valuable company that will deliver substantial returns to its shareholders.”

Accredited investors interested in learning more about MassRoots may email [email protected] and are invited to attend the ArcView Investment Meeting on January 23rd in Las Vegas.