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The movement to get medical cannabis nationally legalized has grown by leaps and bounds in just the last few months. Many states have seen legislation created to make the medicinal oil and tinctures available to sick patients, both adults and children who suffer from seizures, tumors and various cancers among other ailments. Most notably, The “Mommy Lobby” has seen more success with their initiatives to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. The Mommy Lobby is backed by the power of changing public attitudes regarding the herb. This group of mothers who are fighting for the right to medicate their sick children with cannabis derivatives, are finding sympathy with lawmakers as they reveal their tales of struggle and misery in dealing with the various problems that come with having sick and seizure prone children. They speak passionately about the difficulty in obtaining the medical cannabis that has been proven to almost completely halt the seizures and suffering felt by their loved ones.

Medical MarijuanaA medical marijuana bill was just recently passed in Georgia’s House of Representatives. As the bill now heads to the state senate, many parents wait with bated breath on the outcome there. Amazingly, house bill 885 passed by an overwhelming majority of 171-4. This is further proof that medical cannabis is slowly but surely making its way to national legalization. Haleigh’s Hope Act is named after four-year old Haleigh who suffers from hundreds of seizure attacks a day. This Act would allow for medical cannabis to be grown under very tight restrictions in the state of Georgia. In the meantime, Haleigh and her mother will be moving to Colorado from Georgia where she can get immediate access to the much needed cannabis oil treatment.

More than 2.3 million Americans are living with epilepsy and suffer from seizures that just can not be helped by modern medicines. Medical marijuana is rapidly changing this but can only be as effective as the creating or changing of these laws will allow. Many patients and their families are calling for the process to be sped up as many are dying for lack of accessible medication. Many families have been through medical mazes, seeing specialist after specialist in their search for if not a cure, at least relief. Many of the 20 states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen an influx of new potential residents, especially Colorado and Washington. Because of this growing phenomenon, several states are now pushing for new initiatives to address this growing issue.

Colorado has been flooded with request for the oil or tincture, which is high in CBD but low in THC, which is the component that creates the “high” found in the herb. The CBD component is of particular interest to researchers who are calling for laws that will allow for testing in humans. It was discovered that THC almost completely eradicated the RIV virus in laboratory mice: RIV is almost identical to the HIV virus found in humans. That is very encouraging news for many. However for treatment to be accepted by the medical community, more testing is needed. Washington is beginning to feel the strong push from citizens across the nation who are clamoring for the much needed changes.Medical Cannabis

As the momentum grows and more states are bearing witness to the success and validity of medicinal marijuana, hope is also growing among those who have waited, for years in some cases, to see it legalized across the board. As the demand grows, tens of thousands are being placed on waiting lists to obtain access. Some states are moving faster than others to meet the demands of its constituents. As more and more of these antiquated laws are removed and changed in states across the nation, lives are being saved and it will not be long before medical cannabis see’s national legalization happen for those in need.

By Mai Nowlin

Medical Cannabis to See National Legalization