Source:  Medical marijuana and natural healing magazine, / May 22 2014

Legislation that would legalize marijuana for medical dedications in New York is facing its first obstacle in the Senate’s health committee today.

The bill’s champion, Independent Democrat Diane Savino, claims that if said legislation is permitted to come to the Senate floor for a vote, that she has rustled up enough support from both Democrats and Republicans to effectively pass her Compassionate Care Act.

In order for Savino’s baby to reach the Senate chambers for a vote, it must first traverse the 17-member health committee which is chaired by the less-than-supportive-of-marijuana-legalization Senator Kemp Hannon.

The legislation’s sponsors declare they’re confident the bill will fruitfully navigate the committee, and advance to the Senate’s Finance Committee, which would be a historic step for this type of bill.

It’s been reported that Governor Cuomo is willing to consider any legalization bill passed by the state’s Legislature.

Stay with The 420 Times for any further updates regarding the progress of New York’s Compassionate Care Act.

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