Source: by  Jacqueline Langen – Richmond Review posted Mar 18, 2014

Richmond’s first large scale medical marijuana facility has been given the green light by city officials.

Richmond council unanimously approved MediJean’s bid to rezone its medical marijuana research facility at 11320 Horseshoe Way, pending the company getting a license from Health Canada.

The company will provide medical marijuana to patients who have received a legitimate prescription. Patients are eligible to order their supply and have it delivered directly to their home until the expiry of each prescription.

“It’s like for medical marijuana,” said Chris Dollard, MediJean’s chief operating officer.

The 40,000-square-foot facility has room for up to 15,000 kilograms of cannabis. Approximately 220 strains of marijuana shipped in from around the world will be grown and re-developed into hybrid strains, specific to treating a variety of medical disorders.

The facility is located directly behind the Richmond RCMP detachment. MediJean picked the location in order to increase security as well as transparency.

The cannabis research company has been discussing the project with Richmond staff and councillors for the past year, making sure the city understood what MediJean would be doing throughout their facility.

“A number of us actually visited the facility and were impressed with the research and security of the establishment,” Coun. Linda Barnes said.

The federal government’s existing medical marijuana program ends March 31, when all licences to possess and grow the drug expire, and licensed commercial producers become the legal distributors.

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