Source: Chris Parry,

he neurons are finally beginning to fire again after a short and very sharp visit to Las Vegas, the scene of the Marijuana Business Expo last week. Let’s not make too much mention of the morning I spent tracking down the wallet I left in the back of a cab the night before, and instead focus on an incredible lineup of speakers and trade vendors.

Credit to, they put on a fierce and well attended trade show.

What did it look like for public company enthusiasts? A little light. There were loads of private companies, lots of folks selling lights and baggies and vapes. Plenty of consultants doing a roaring trade (myself included).

But in the public space, there was Organigram and Abattis and Tweed. In the coming soon space, there was Aphria and Pharmagreen. Supreme boss Brayden Sutton was around, getting monstered at the poker tables last I heard. In the background, a few smaller possibilities: Alberta Green and Natura Naturals and Blissco and.. well, let’s just say the flavour of the floor was 2015 will be a big year.

So let’s rattle off some scoops.

Tweed’s (TSX:V.TWD, Stock Forum) Bruce Linton made a presentation on that Canadian space that touched on the madness of getting an MMPR together but was a tad light on detail in terms of Tweed’s past, present and future. Linton made a call for American companies that can see a way to utilize his brand in the US space “as a means of projecting back to Canada,” and talked of his interest in getting extraction partners in place. The overwhelming sense I got was Tweed sees its present place as a launchpad into other jurisdictions, rather than as a first mover Canadian foothold to be used to smoosh competitors.

In talking to others, that sense was seemingly shared, and I didn’t get any sense that this was considered a good -or bad- thing. What’s definite is Tweed’s rubber is hitting the road now and its recent upward share price drive indicates an increasing sense that something is coming.

Organigram (TSX:V.OGI, Stock Forum) was present and, according to OGI rep Brett Allan, there was plenty of interest from the ‘Muricans. The company got stuck with a back corner booth, but that turned into a gold mine when the free lunch buffet and drinks tables were rolled out right