Source:  Mentor Capital, Inc Press Release, Oct 10 2014

Conservative Marijuana Company is Pioneer in Gaining Acceptance by Main Stream Media Companies

Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTC Markets: MNTR) reports that it is one of the first marijuana companies allowed to advertise in print with USA Today, SW Airlines and Food & Drink. The infused edible advertisement is carefully innocuous to young readers, as required by publishers, but references the thoughtful cover and feature article in the “Budding Opportunities” Fall 2014 edition of Food & Drink which explores the “emerging world of cannabis edibles.” Readers encountering the print advertisement are referred to links to a discussion in plain terms exploring the range of the modern business of marijuana, according to the company. This was recently preceded by Mentor’s comments on the changing corporate culture of marijuana in the Wall Street Journal and will be followed by a discussion on business ethics including challenges in the cannabis space in Management Today.

“Mentor Capital is pleased to take a lead in opening the door to aid in the honest discussion of both marijuana as a medicine and the social use of cannabis as the safest choice for those who seek an effect that they find is relaxing,” says CEO, Chet Billingsley. “We are a science based company, and know that cannabis stimulates appetite in cancer patients, reduces their nausea, mutes chronic pain and has a miraculous dampening effect on some seizures, especially in children.”

“We believe Mentor Capital is also the first to survey, research and specifically calculate that 10,000 drug and alcohol related deaths per year and $1.0 billion in medical costs could be avoided with full national legalization of cannabis,” reports CEO Billingsley. “This is from the ‘Substitution Effect’ that occurs when daily drug users shift over, sometimes as much as 60%, to more benign legal cannabis when it is available. The great reduction in lives lost from drug overdose is because relaxing drugs like the opiates slow respiration and the heart, but cannabis does not. If the equivalent of one in eight drug and alcohol users shift to legal cannabis because it is safer, available and won’t trigger an arrest, then 10,000 of 80,000 drug and alcohol related deaths could be avoided.”

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