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30 Million Total Shares Would be Outstanding After $100 Million Raise

Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTC Markets: MNTR) announced that it is Calling its 15 Million Series D ($7) warrants at their long-standing strike price of $7.00 per share, and in this fashion targets to raise $100 Million for marijuana related investments. These warrants are already in the hands of Mentor Capital’s original 1,500 mostly accredited investors. The call period is through June 30th, 2014.

After that time, under the exemption afforded under Section 1145 of the U.S. Code, unexercised warrants may be redeemed and exercised by alternative company designees. Several hundred Mentor Capital shareholders have requested to be designees, which increases the probability of all warrants being exercised. Shareholders who wish to participate in their rights as a designee should contact the company.

Warrant holders who have deposited their DTC qualified D warrants into a brokerage account may exercise those warrants directly through their brokers. Holders who have physical possession of the Series D warrant certificate may exercise directly with the company. Warrant holders who have lost their warrant certificates should contact the company so that they may be replaced and exercised timely. Any Series D warrant certificates that were at the company for safekeeping have been returned to warrant holders co-incident with this announcement.

Brokers seeking information on the transfer agent, CUSIPs, name change and similar information are referred to the company website, under the Investors Corner tab, at Broker Info. In particular, brokers should note there that the orange, Series D warrants issued earlier with the former Main Street AC, Inc. name are active, and are the same in every respect as the Series D warrants issued by the company after the 2007 name change to Mentor Capital, Inc.

Prospective and current shareholders may broadly add these three simplified data to better assess company and share value.

(i) The company has and for some time will continue to only invest in or purchase cannabis companies for cash and future cash. Although always subject to change, no share dilution has recently occurred by way of acquisition or is currently contemplated.

(ii) If successful, $100 Million will be raised from the warrants and is targeted to buy $100 Million in mostly private cannabis investments, which may be valued more highly in a public vehicle.

(iii) After the $100 Million is raised, if it is, the company is projected to have 30 Million shares outstanding.

Investors should note that all of these data are intentions not reality, so investors should be cautious and consult their financial advisors to discuss the risks and import of these numbers.

About Mentor Capital: By acquisition or stock purchase, Mentor Capital, Inc. seeks to invest in leading cannabis companies. Additional important information for investors and founders seeking expansion funding is presented at:

Forward Looking Statements, Safe Harbor and Risk Descriptions are Incorporated by Reference from the MNTR Company Web Site above.


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