MJX is pleased to announce that www.marijuanaindex.org (MJX Marijuana Index) has been acquired by MJX Ventures, Inc.www.mjxfund.com.  Through a new partnership with Interactive Data – a global leader in asset valuations, data, and index management – MJX Marijuana Index will now feature three unique NYSE tickers with distribution on NYSE’s index system.

Combined with robust third-party data feeds provided by Interactive Data Corporation (IDC), including monthly adjustments for corporate actions and balancing of constituents, we’re pleased to be entrenched as the unquestioned leader in marijuana equities.  NYSE distribution for MJX Marijuana Index tiers will provide a global platform as MJX’s “best-in-class” system is enhanced and launched in new global markets.

We appreciate your patience during this process.  Significant capital and resources are being invested into MJX infrastructure in order to build the first bona-fide stock index for the sector.  A team of broadly experienced securities professionals are now aligned with the Index.  Originally founded in Q1 of 2013 – MJX Marijuana Index was built with the vision of various funds and ETFs which would track the industry.  The overwhelming interest in the index caused MJX to seek superior partners and legitimate distribution, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

 We are taking the following steps to improve the Index experience:

  1. We are expanding the site to include three indexes: United States Reporting Companies, Non-United States Companies (solely Canadian issuers at this point) and Non-Reporting (pink sheet) Companies; we intend to cover every cannabis stock traded throughout the world on these three platforms.  This expansion will be completed by September, 2014.
  2. Once this expansion is completed the United States Reporting Company Index will be quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (see below on trading in the Index).  We may also list on NASDAQ’s system in 2015.
  3. MJX Ventures, Inc. is presently conducting a private offering of common stock of the Index parent company MJX Ventures, Inc.  is a broad-based investment company focusing upon online and compliance solutions for the legal cannabis industry;  MJX will be conducting weekly investment  presentations online,  and all accredited investor subscribers of the Index (if you are receiving this email directly from us you are a subscriber) are invited to attend. Please reply to this email and we will provide you with an invitation to the presentations.
  4. Many investors have requested an ability to invest and trade directly in the Index itself and MJX is in the process of creating a fund intended to accomplish this objective; we anticipate filing with the Securities Exchange Commission in October 2014 and expect trading to commence during the first half of 2015.  The specific investment objectives and structure of the fund will be subject to disclosures in accordance with securities laws.  More funds could be launched on the MJX platform due to our expansive capabilities.

We’ll be increasing our newsletters.  You can expect at least monthly newsletters updating you on developments in the industry and with the Index.  Thank you again for your interest in the Index and please reply directly to this email with any comments, suggestions or questions.

General Questions

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General Inquiries
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