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By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Marijuana legalization is on the move in the New Hampshire Legislature, with the House Ways and Means Committee reviewing HB 492, which gained initial approval from the House on a 170-162 vote last month.

A report, including expected revenues and regulatory expenses, is expected from the committee as soon as next month, reports John Toole at the Eagle Tribune.

Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), said he expects HB 492 to have smooth sailing in the House, but not the Senate. “We think it will pass in the House,” he said. “We have no illusions about it passing the Senate or becoming law this year.”

But, either way, Simon said, it’s advancing the ball down the field. “This sets us up well in a year or two to pass something like that,” he said.

The House passed a similar bill last year, which then died in the Senate. Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, who opposes legalization, would likely veto any such bill that reached her desk, in any event.

“Legalizing marijuana won’t help us address out substance use challenge,” Hassan said in her State of the State address this month. “Experience and data suggests it will do just the opposite,” she claimed.


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