Source:  Press Release, May 28 2014

Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB:NVLXNews) saw its share volume cut in half on May 27th with 3,853,590 shares exchanging hands compared to its three month daily average volume of 8,024,321 shares.

Nuvilex recently announced together with Translational Drug Development (TD2) in Scottsdale, Arizona, preparations have begun for US-based preclinical and then clinical studies on the unbearable pain and the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity which are two commonly occurring symptoms associated with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Kenneth L. Waggoner, CEO and President of Nuvilex stated, “TD2, arguably the most reputable CRO in the US that specializes in oncology, has committed to undertake these important studies on the development of severe, untreatable pain and the accumulation of ascites fluid. These are the two major symptoms associated with advanced pancreatic cancer. If successful, these studies will show that our pancreatic cancer treatment can play a significant role in improving the quality of life of patients suffering from this dreadful disease.” Waggoner continued, “We are now engaged in a ‘two-pronged attack’ on pancreatic cancer with studies by TD2 and the Australian Phase 2b clinical trial, first by attempting to improve patients’ quality of life and second by attempting to increase the life span of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.”

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Advanced Cell Technology Sees Share Volume Remain Strong

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTCQB:ACTCNews) saw its share volume remain strong on May 27th with 11,253,063 shares exchanging hands, right on par with its three month daily average volume of 11,172,135 shares.

Just last month, ACTC announced that the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Robert Lanza, MD, has been selected for the 2014 TIME 100 annual list of the hundred most influential people in the world.

Advanced Cell Technology is a biotechnology company developing cellular therapies for treating diseases that impact millions of people worldwide. Helmed by Chairman and CEO Gary Rabin, ACTC is currently conducting the only human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-based clinical trials: two Phase I/II trials in the US and one in Europe. Initial results from the two US trials were published earlier this year in The Lancet. ACTC is also focused on its Hemangioblast platform for treating blood and cardiovascular diseases, and its mesenchymal stem cell program. ACTC’s patented “embryo-safe” technique for deriving hESCs without harming embryos was documented in Nature.

ACTC closed the day at $.0615 on May 27th, up 3.36% from its previous close of $.0595.

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