Colorado-based O.penVAPE/Organa Labs will license its products, including the cannabis oil-vaporizing pen, in states where cannabis is legalized. Licensees will have access to a huge selection of new products, oil production secrets and assistance with their states’ regulations.

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O.penVAPE/Organa Labs announced today that it is allowing for licensing agreements in all states with legal cannabis laws. Now these leading cannabis products can be available in every state where medicinal cannabis is allowed. After a year of evolution and design, the Colorado based company announced today that all O.penVAPE brands of products would be available to select companies who meet all necessary requirements of their state and the guidelines of O.penVAPE/Organa Labs.

“We not only want to make sure our products are available to every state with legal cannabis laws, but we also want to be a guide for the states who desire to regulate this beneficial plant. Our team of legal developers made sure these licensing agreements are cutting edge and follow every law. We also have been visited by other states like Washington to see how we do business so that their state can benefit. We are offering our expertise to others who are interested.” – Todd Mitchem, EVP Corporate Development.

Mitchem is prepared to back up his statements with the facts. In 2013, O.penVAPE became THE leading cannabis oil-vaporizing pen in the world with over 1600% growth. The company was the original innovator in Supercritical CO2 Extraction, and its two affiliated licensees in California and Washington are continuing this tradition of excellence.

“We partner with our licensees and will continue to do so going forward.  To us ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’ is not just a catchy phrase. We care deeply about our partnerships with every state licensee and work very hard to ensure our brand dominates the space,” says Mitchem.

O.penVAPE/Organa Labs is fast becoming the “Google of Cannabis” because of its innovative new product line, powerful culture and ability to forge new partnerships in the global cannabis world.

“Affiliated licensees will also get access to a huge selection of new products, oil production secrets and assistance with their states’ regulations. There is no other cannabis-related product company that can claim that. In fact, many other companies claim to care this much about cannabis oil, but then do not back up the claims with science, testing and facts. We do. That is what you are becoming a part of when you are licensed to carry our products and oil extraction methods. You get to be part of a family.”

Todd Mitchem and his fellow leaders have big plans in 2014 and these plans include qualified strong licensees.

To find out more or to become a licensee of O.penVAPE contact:
Todd Mitchem – EVP Corporate Development
[email protected]