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 TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The fight over legalizing marijuana is a hot debate in every state. In Toledo, a group says they’re working to change laws too, and soon. A major effort kicks off Tuesday May 6.

It was a busy day Monday at the NORML headquarters in downtown Toledo. Volunteers with NORML are passionate about making pot legal so they spent all day putting petition packets together for Tuesday.

The group wants to get 10,000 signatures on their pro-pot petition between now and July, so they can get a measure on the ballot for voters by this November. They’re hoping Ohio will vote to make pot legal, not just medicinal weed, but marijuana for personal use as well. NORML is using Tuesday as their big kick-off day.

This is just the latest effort to bring Ohio in line with legalization already happening in Colorado and Washington. However, pot is still illegal under federal laws. So why are at least 60 people going to be pushing these petitions tomorrow? One representative says they’re pushing not only personal use, but they say pot could really make a difference in Ohio’s economy and health.

“There are a lot of other aspects to this that don’t get enough coverage. The medical benefits of it, the way it would be a cost reduction to law enforcement. We could save up to one billion dollars every year of tax dollars by no longer enforcing these non-violent drug offenses,” said Sean Nestor, Co-chair, Lucas County Green Party.

Organizers say they’re hoping to get about 80% of the required signatures at the polls Tuesday. After that they say they’ll take their efforts door to door.

When you’re out voting, you can expect to see dozens of people outside of polling locations tomorrow asking you to sign one of the petitions.

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