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Apparently there are more New Yorkers in favor of legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes than there are against it. According to a Quinnipiac poll on marijuana legalization released this past Monday, February 17th, 88% of New York state inhabitants support making medical marijuana legal while only 9% are against it, and 57% favor legalizing recreational marijuana in small amounts, while 39% are against it.

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Those in favor of medical and recreational legalization skew both male and millenial. Males are in support of recreational marijuana in small quantities 63% to 33%, while women support it 51% vs. 44%. People ages 18 to 29 support legalization 83% to 14%, but voters over 65 oppose it, 57% to 38%. Though weed is not legal in New York state, New Yorkers admitted to using the substance; 46% say they have partook, and 51% say they haven’t. Of New Yorkers ages 18 to 29, 55% say they’ve smoked marijuana, while 69% of those over 65 say they have not.

“>Colorado dispensary marijuanaMarijuana liberalization is spreading, and it only seems to be a matter of time before it reaches the majority of states – at the very least for its medicinal benefits (and as we see in New York, only 9% of those polled are against this). Governor Cuomo announced back in January of this year that he would allow 20 New York hospitals to start prescribing medical marijuana for serious illnesses. Though it was a small step, it is a step forward nonetheless. Many in favor of liberalization, however, are critical of Cuomo’s micro-step; of those polled, 41% of New Yorkers said they approve of Cuomo’s handling of marijuana policy, while 31% of New Yorkers disapprove and 28% say they are not sure. Fewer New Yorkers are buying the argument that marijuana is a gateway to harder drug use; 52% say it doesn’t lead to other drug use, while 41% say it does. Most New Yorkers, 45%, say alcohol is equally as dangerous as pot; 36% say it is less dangerous, and a mere 13% say it’s more dangerous.


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