Premier Mortgage Resources Inc. (OTC: PMRS) has become the latest in a string of micro-cap and small-cap companies to acquire cannabis-related businesses this year. In a recent press release, the company announced a new acquisition and name change to Alternaturals Inc. The new entity will be focused on releasing a line of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs.

Read the entire press release discussing the acquisition here:

Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc. (OTCPink : PMRS) today announced that it has acquired an exciting new business, and will shortly be filing to change the company’s name to Alternaturals, Inc. The company will be releasing a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs.

The product line has been many years in the making, and uses proprietary blends of natural substances to accomplish the same effect as many prescription medications without the dangerous side effects. Several products harness the many positive properties of Cannabis or Hemp, more widely known as marijuana. While some of these products contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes intoxication, several do not. Those that do not contain THC are perfectly legal to sell in states that currently outlaw marijuana use, which will allow the company to set up distribution there, becoming the first to market in those states as they do legalize marijuana. The other products are safe, natural remedies for many ailments such as sleep disorders, pain, low testosterone levels, and more.

The company has laid out plans to release these products both online, and through brick and mortar retail distribution and marijuana dispensaries. Many distribution channels have already been identified and the company is prepared to begin shipping product in just a few months.

Recently appointed President and CEO, Emmanuel Gyamfi, will lead the company moving forward. Mr. Gyamfi makes a vow to the shareholders to be as transparent as possible, and also to avoid a reverse split at all costs. While he feels it would benefit the company to have less shares outstanding, reducing that number will be achieved using several strategies including buying back shares in the open market once the company has a little more cash flow. The decision was made early on to strengthen the company’s share structure organically because of the negative impact a reverse split often has on a company’s market. will serve as the Launchpad for each product as they are released, and consumers are encouraged to visit the site as soon as it goes live in approximately 30 to 45 days to see these amazing and powerful products and get updates on the company’s success.

About Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc.
Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc., recently acquired in order to move forward with its plan to sell alternative healthcare products including Hemp and Cannabis related products as well as several safe and natural substitutes for popular prescription drugs. The company plans to expand rapidly over the next year, generating profit from the sale of its products online and in retail stores and dispensaries.

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