Source: Radio New Zealand – 10.13.14

A Guam Senator says the time is right for medical marijuana to be legalised on the island.

Scientist calls for medicinal marijuana to be grown in NZ.Photo: AFP

Senator Tina Muna-Barnes is the main proponent of a bill legalising the drug.

The issue will be put to a referendum on the same day as the general election on November the 4th.

Opponents on island say there is not enough conclusive science to support legalisation.

But Senator Muna-Barnes disagrees.

“It’s important that our people take the time to look at the latest medical findings that have come out, not just from the United States but from other countries around the world, who have said that the use of medical cannabis, especially with the different categories of the strain of THC have been very, very advantageous.”

The Senator is confident that the public will support the move. She says recent surveys show 59-68 percent are behind the legalisation which will allow the use of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for debilitating health issues.

The Senator led a failed move to do the same thing in 2010

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