Weedmaps.com, the world’s largest online medical marijuana resource, is proud to announce the launch of “Weedmaps Deals,” the first cannabis resource of its kind. “Weedmaps Deals” immediately connects patients in every medical marijuana state with hundreds of the best offers and discounts in their local areas every day.

The Deals program presents patients with local discounts ranging from BOGO’s (Buy One Get One Free), percentages off, dollars off, and other exclusive offers. By claiming and presenting the mobile coupons at dispensaries, patients will receive unprecedented discounts to their favorite medication, with some dispensaries offering ounces for as low as $25.

In addition to a full-service website, the Deals platform will exist on Weedmaps’ mobile application on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Weedmaps expects the deals program to enhance its site traffic, increase patient loyalty, and further ignite the burgeoning medical marijuana industry which expects to surpass $2 billion in sales in 2014.

Weedmaps founder and CEO Justin Hartfield stated that “This isn’t a Groupon for weed because our patients actually needmarijuana daily to maintain the quality of their life. We’re empowering our members to purchase medicine at the most affordable prices while helping the best dispensaries’ offers shine.”

The new Weedmaps Deals system will be curated and voted upon by patients who can “Show Love” to a deal, much like the Facebook like button. The more love a Deal receives, the more prominent that deal will appear on the site, making it more likely for that Deal to be claimed by more patients.

In the past year, Weedmaps, based in Newport Beach, Calif., has seen substantial growth, and currently has offices in Denver, Colo. and Tuscon, Ariz., and the company expects more expansion in 2014. Its new Deals platform is the first of many new product offerings the company plans to unveil in 2014.

“We constantly strive to grow our industry by enhancing our technology and offerings– Weedmaps Deals is our first step among many more to come,” Weedmaps COO Doug Francis added. “2013 has been a monumental year for our company and the entire medical marijuana industry. We’re excited to help expand our industry and ensure it reaches its vast potential.”

About Weedmaps

Weedmaps caters to millions of medical marijuana patients in every state with medical cannabis and provides relative online resources and information to site visitors from all over the world. For more information, visit www.weedmaps.com.