Source: National Report, 10-4-14

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings haven’t seemed to budge out of the 40% to 50% range much since he took office in 2009. His accomplishments don’t seem to improve his approval ratings, while his scandals don’t seem to hurt him. But with 2016 looming, and presidential hopefuls already paying visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, Obama’s White House seems to be looking toward establishing a legacy and ending his administration on a high note… with emphasis on the word “high.”

According to several sources inside the White House, President Obama instructed his staff over the weekend to begin plotting out a course for the nationwide legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, cleaning up federal statutes, demobilizing the DEA from going after marijuana offenders, and incentivizing states to legalize the popular controlled substance. Obama’s alleged goal is to have marijuana legalized, at least at the federal level, in the summer of 2015, and insiders say Obama is perfectly poised to get it done.

 “The President is confident we can get marijuana legalized pretty easily, given our current political climate,” says one White House senior aide. “This is a topic that Americans really care about. So the idea is to legalize it next summer, when the 2016 election cycle is just getting started. Republicans will have to support President Obama on this, because it’ll kill them in their reelection campaigns or in the presidential race if they try to go after him. They’ll sound like that `Reefer Madness’ movie if they do. It would be a huge turnoff for voters, and that’s how you win this fight.”

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