Global Cannabis Stock Index

The Global Cannabis Stock Index offers a consolidated perspective of the world’s foremost publicly traded companies within the medicinal and legal marijuana sectors. To qualify for inclusion, companies must display a strategic orientation towards the marijuana or hemp sectors and surpass our stipulated trading benchmarks. This index employs an equal-weighting system and is fine-tuned on a quarterly basis.


The Marijuana Index represents a critical benchmark for the worldwide cannabis industry, focusing on companies deeply engaged across the global market. It encompasses entities that generate at least 50% of their revenue from the cannabis sector, mirroring the industry’s global performance accurately. This index is crucial for monitoring the financial health and evolving trends of cannabis-related businesses globally, offering investors and stakeholders expansive insights into the industry’s dynamics and the potential for growth on an international scale.


Our methodology for the Global Marijuana Index involves an exhaustive and transparent selection process, tailored to the unique aspects of the global cannabis market. We target companies with a significant presence in the marijuana industry worldwide, ensuring compliance with our stringent criteria that cover business activity relevance, financial stability, and trading performance on a global level. The index is continually updated to reflect the ever-changing landscape of the global market, maintaining its relevance and accuracy.

Leveraging TradingView‘s sophisticated charting and analysis tools, we present a detailed and visually captivating table of global indices and stocks. This approach facilitates a comprehensive investment decision-making process with the support of real-time data and insights, catering to a global audience. Our dedication to providing a broad and in-depth resource ensures that investors navigating the complexities of the global cannabis industry have access to valuable information, enhancing their investment strategies and understanding of the market’s worldwide intricacies.


The Marijuana Index
The Marijuana Index