Australian Marijuana Stock Index

The Australian Marijuana Index provides an encompassing view of the leading publicly traded companies within the medicinal and legal marijuana sectors on the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). Central to this regional framework is the meticulous tracking of top-performing cannabis stocks in Australia. To secure a position within this index, companies must demonstrate a focused approach towards the marijuana or hemp sectors and meet our defined trading benchmarks.


The Marijuana Index serves as a critical benchmark for the cannabis industry within the Australian market, highlighting companies with significant engagement in the sector. It includes entities that derive at least 50% of their revenue from cannabis, accurately reflecting the industry’s performance in Australia. This index is essential for tracking the financial health and trends of cannabis-related businesses, providing investors and stakeholders with valuable insights into the market’s development and potential.


Our methodology for the Australian Marijuana Index entails a detailed and transparent selection process, focusing on companies that have a major role in the marijuana sector. They must satisfy rigorous criteria, including relevance in business activities, financial stability, and market performance. Updates are made to mirror the market’s dynamic nature, and with the aid of TradingView‘s advanced charting tools, we offer a comprehensive and visually appealing table of indices and stocks. This ensures our index is a vital resource for navigating the complexities of the Australian cannabis industry, equipped with the latest data and analyses.


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The Marijuana Index
The Marijuana Index