Canadian Marijuana Stock Index

The Canadian Marijuana Index provides a detailed overview of the foremost publicly traded cannabis stocks in Canada, with a significant focus on those listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Every company incorporated into this index has its core operations centered on the marijuana or hemp sectors and consistently surpasses our stringent trading benchmarks. Additionally, this Index offers insights into the vibrant market of medicinal and legalized marijuana in the Canadian landscape.


The Canadian Marijuana Index serves as a pivotal benchmark for the cannabis industry within the Canadian market, emphasizing companies deeply engaged in the sector. It encompasses entities generating at least 50% of their revenue from cannabis, mirroring the industry’s true performance. This index is crucial for monitoring the financial health and trends of cannabis-related businesses, offering valuable insights into the market’s evolution and potential for investors and stakeholders.


At The Marijuana Index for the Canadian market, our selection methodology for cannabis industry stock indices emphasizes a detailed and transparent approach. We prioritize companies with significant involvement in the sector, ensuring they meet rigorous standards related to industry engagement, financial health, and market performance.

Our indices are regularly updated to mirror the evolving market landscape accurately. With the help of TradingView‘s advanced charting and analysis tools, we provide a detailed, visually appealing table of indices and stocks, offering real-time data to enhance investment decisions. This strategy ensures our Canadian audience has access to a crucial resource for navigating the cannabis industry’s complexities.


The Marijuana Index
The Marijuana Index