U.S. Marijuana Stock Index

The U.S. Marijuana Stock Index offers a curated view of leading cannabis stocks in the United States, prominently featuring companies listed on platforms like NASDAQ. Each entity within this index is deeply entrenched in the marijuana or hemp industries and consistently meets our rigorous trading criteria.


The Marijuana Index serves as a comprehensive benchmark for the cannabis industry in the U.S. market, focusing on companies with substantial involvement in the sector. It includes entities that derive at least 50% of their revenue from the cannabis industry, ensuring a direct reflection of the industry’s performance. This index is vital for tracking the financial health and trends of cannabis-related companies, providing investors and stakeholders with valuable insights into the sector’s dynamics and growth potential.


At The Marijuana Index, our methodology for curating and managing our list of stock indices in the Cannabis Industry, specifically for the U.S. Market, revolves around a rigorous and transparent selection process.

We focus on companies that are significantly involved in the marijuana sector, ensuring they meet our strict criteria including business activity relevance, financial stability, and trading performance. Our indices are updated to reflect the dynamic nature of the market, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Utilizing the advanced charting and analysis tools provided by TradingView, we offer our users a comprehensive and visually engaging table of indices and stocks, enhancing their investment decision-making process with real-time data and insights. This approach ensures our list remains a valuable resource for investors looking to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry in the United States.


The Marijuana Index
The Marijuana Index