Source: April 16, 2104

The Rockies Venture Club, a 28 year old organization focused on connecting investors and entrepreneurs, will hold the first Cannabis Capital Summit on May 29, 2014 to bring together marijuana industry leaders, venture capitalists, angel investors, legal/banking experts, and entrepreneurs to assess potential risks, opportunities, and the industry’s future moving forward.

According to its website, the program will run from 9:00am to 7:00pm with a keynote speaker, five expert panels, and four cannabis entrepreneurs pitching for venture capital. The expert panels will discuss the dynamics of investing in cannabis, banking within the industry, the future of legalization throughout the United States, and “picks and shovels” opportunities in the space.

“Serious investors are beginning to express interest in the industry,” said Executive Director Peter Adams in a statement. “But, there’s a lot of confusion and questions from both investors and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help change that.”

While cannabis has been legalized on a state level, the federal government continues to classify the drug as a Class I Controlled Substance. Many companies in the space operate in fear of a federal crackdown, while banks and other service providers have been reluctant to lend to deal with cannabis companies due to potential money laundering or other federal level charges that are technically possible.

Attendees to the conference tend to include 25% angel and venture capital investors, 50% company executives within the industry, and 25% service providers focused on helping companies succeed. Over the years, more than 1,200 entrepreneurs have presented investment opportunities to over 30,000 RVC members and guests across a wide range of different industries.

The Cannabis Capital Summit will take place at Mile High Station, 2027 Old West Colfax Ave., Denver, CO. The cost to attend is set at $229 for the public, $199 for basic members, and $159 for full members. Companies interested in making pitches or participating in the expo can e-mail [email protected].

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