What are the Best THC Detox Kits on the Market?

Found out you have a drug test coming up and need help passing the test due to recent consumption of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)? Even if you haven’t consumed THC for several weeks, you can still test positive. So we’re bringing you the 5 best THC detox kits on the market.


What is a THC Detox Kit?

At its most basic, a THC detox kit is designed to flush THC metabolites out of the system or hide them from the test. THC metabolites, like THC-COOH, are the metabolized version of THC, and due to their fat-soluble nature, they tend to stick around longer in the body than we’d like. 

Detox kits are designed to work in various ways. They may include ingredients purported to speed up the body’s metabolism or promote the elimination of THC metabolites through urine, sweat, or other bodily fluids. Since the urine test is the most common drug test, some of the most popular kits focus on diluting the urine while introducing a number of vitamins and minerals. The hope is this makes it hard for the test to detect THC while not causing suspicion by having highly diluted urine. 

Due to their simple nature and affordability, the urine test is preferred by most testing sites. This is nice because hair and blood tests will measure the presence of THC itself. Detox kits designed for these tests, such as a detox shampoo, are much less effective. 

The most important thing to remember about THC detox kits is there is no guarantee (by far) they are going to be successful — especially, because of their unregulated nature. They are there for when you have no other option. To truly get all those THC metabolites out of your system, it’s just going to take time. Staying well-hydrated, exercising, and keeping a lower body fat percentage can help shorten that duration, however. 

Some Considerations Before Using a THC Detox Kit

Above, I briefly mentioned some natural ways to flush THC metabolites out of your system. But I haven’t mentioned the biggest factor, and that’s how much you’re consuming and how often. Those who use high-THC products daily may find they can’t pass a drug test that looks for marijuana use for 30+ days

Another factor to pay close attention to when buying detox kits is the reviews because detox kits work in various ways, and even if they produce a negative test, you can still be caught. For example, a study by VICE tested 3 herbal detox kits, and while the first one produced a negative result, it turned the urine into a glaringly obvious neon color that rang alarm bells. 

To summarize all of this, please pay close attention to reviews and make sure you are following the instructions down to the letter. For example, some detox kits will recommend you abstain from eating for a set period of time. 

Shortlist of the Best THC Detox Kits in 2024

  1. Nutra Cleanse – Single Day Clean Shot
  2. Nutra Cleanse – 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program
  3. Clear Choice – Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink
  4. Toxin Rid – 5-Day Detox Kit
  5. Toxin Rid – Rescue Wash Mouthwash

An Overview of the Best THC Detox Kits

To put our list together, the fine team at Marijuana Index scoured the internet for the best kits. When creating our list, we considered several factors. We looked at customer satisfaction ratings, intensity of instructions, etc. If we thought it was of value to you, we look into it. 

Our choice

Nutra Cleanse – Single Day Clean Shot

5 (3+) from Nutra Cleanse
Nutra Cleanse - Single Day Clean Shot
  • Fast and effective
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Must follow several food rules </li

    Just found out you’re being drug tested today and need a fast-acting detox? Then you’ll love Nutra Cleanse Single Day Clean Shot. A big caveat with fasting-acting detox kits is they’re designed to temporarily cover over THC metabolites. This makes them best for light to moderate users, meaning you may need to find another drug test method if you partake daily. While fast working, it must be taken at the optimal time due to the duration window (90 minutes to 6 hrs post-administration). 

    As you’ll see with other detox kits, there are often rules for abstaining from foods. That’s no different here, but thankfully you only need to avoid foods associated with being “dirty”. Reviews are generally very favorable to Nutra Cleanse product pages but become a little iffy moving off the brand’s websites. However, their years in the business (founded in 2000) attest to their products’ efficacy. And let’s be honest, uneven reviews are par for the course when it comes to all of the kits due to their nature, even when we don’t mention it in a particular review. 

    Nutra Cleanse – 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program

    5 (3+) from Nutra Cleanse
    Nutra Cleanse - 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program
    • Permanent – Takes 10 days to work, but continues to be effective until THC is consumed again
    • Recommend for those 250lbs and over
    • (13 page Digital PDF) sent via email and phone & chat support</li

      Nutra Cleanse’s 10-day Ultra Detoxification Program is designed to help heavier individuals. This is great to see because heavier individuals will need more time to naturally clear THC from their system. The 10-day program works fairly similar to their 1-day and 5-day — their single day is not a full body detox, however.

      Not sure if the Single Day Clean Shot is the right detox kit for your needs or if the 10-Day Ultra Detoxification Program would work better? No worries, as passyourtest.com provides a handy calculator that compares several factors that will be unique to you. 

      Speaking of the Single Day Clean Shot, Nutra recommends following the same food rules with their 10-day program. Some may find this annoys them due to the much greater duration of this program. However, Nutra Cleanse provides a meal guide to help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

      Clear Choice – Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink

      4.5 (87+) from Clear Choice
      Clear Choice - Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink
      • Effective for 5 hours starting 1 hour after consuming
      • Recommend for those 200lbs and over
      • A nice cranberry and apple flavor</li

        Hate the idea of drinking a lot of water to detox? Then Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is right up your alley. Where some detox programs recommend drinking upwards of 100 oz of water in just a few hours — nearly a gallon of water — you only need to drink the 32oz detox bottle with Rescue Cleanse. 

        A nice advantage of the Clear Choice program vs. One Shot is the effective window starts after just an hour, where you’ll need to wait 90 minutes for the other. Now, you will need to be careful as the effective period takes a hit, as a result, lasting for only 5 hours. Another difference between the two is you will abstain from water and all foods for 4 hours before using Clear Choice. 

        Toxin Rid – 5-Day Detox Kit

        5 (152+) from Toxin Rid
        Toxin Rid - 5-Day Detox Kit
        • Only 5 days to be completely clean
        • Customizable program length (3, 7, & 10-day options)
        • Includes pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and detox liquid options</li

          Need to get clean in just 5 days but don’t want to rely on a single-day detox that simply covers over toxins, Toxin Rid 5-day Detox Kit claims they can do just that. And they say they can remove those toxins from your blood and saliva too. One interesting factor is Toxin Rid recommends you refrain from heavy exercise, which is usually recommended to promote rapid fat loss. So make sure that’s a factor you like before using the 5-Day Kit. Similar to Nutra Cleanse recommendations regarding food, Toxin Rid suggests adopting a healthier daily meal plan.

          Now, we do have one concern regarding Toxin Rid and their reviews, and that’s regarding their authenticity. In our search, we found a Reddit thread from 2 years ago that had some pretty unhappy customers. We also found some similar complaints in threads complaining the product didn’t work. First, in these threads, it is common to find people in general dismissing liquid detox cleanses. Second, recent reviews were more favorable to Toxin Rid. And as you can see, they still made our best-of-the-best list. 

          Toxin Rid – Rescue Wash Mouthwash

          5 (33+) from Toxin Rid
          Toxin Rid - Rescue Wash Mouthwash
          • Designed for saliva drug test
          • Incredibly simple instructions
          • Rapid results</li

            Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash is truly a unique detox kit on our list with its ability to help you pass an oral drug test. Rescue Wash is just a single 1 oz bottle that’s designed to both dispose of and hide marijuana use for up to 4 hours. Don’t let that shorter duration window concern you because, unlike the other 1-day detox, you take Rescue Wash Mouth Wash just a few minutes before your test. All of this makes Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash the most discreet option for quickly testing negative on an oral drug test. And this is only elevated by its very affordable price point. Costing just $30, while Rescue Wash’s closet competitor comes in at $90.

            How to Choose the Best THC Detox Kits

            Above, we went over several factors that influenced just how good these detox kits truly are. But some of those factors won’t mean much to you due to the nature of the drug test and how far out it’s scheduled. However, pretty much everyone needs to pay attention to the three criteria we selected below when selecting the best THC detox kits. To further nail down your selection, take the time to jump back up to the reviews after as you’ll have a much better idea of what will work for you. 

            Criteria #1 – Period of Effectiveness 

            Not all detox kits are designed to work along the same timeline. Then, some are only effective for a short duration, while others are permanent. 

            When it comes to kits that work for a short period by covering up THC metabolites, we looked at two kits designed to help pass the urine test. Both kits were well-reviewed, and the biggest factor in choosing is going to be how fast you need help. While Clear Choice started working in just 1 hour, the duration was two hours shorter, so it’s really going to come down to how things time up. 

            When looking at kits that are designed to remove all traces of THC metabolites, we looked at two kits; one claimed to remove it in just 5 days, while the other took 10 days. With both having great reviews, we need to again consider how fast you need a kit to work. While a 5-day kit is nice, if you can afford 10 days, you may find it ultimately clears more THC from your system. Toxin Rid does offer a 10 option so make sure to check it out. 

            Criteria #2 – Type Of Drug Test

            This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have never taken a drug test before, you may not be aware of how the various versions work. There are detox shampoos designed for hair tests that aren’t going to help you with a urine test. Speaking of the urine test, if you’re not sure which test will be administered, it’s most likely it. 

            Now, even when you buy the right test, if you’re not carefully following the instructions, you’re basically throwing your money away since the effectiveness of detox kits is questionable already. Some of the directions can be quite intense and need to be carefully timed out. This is why most of the best kits offer detailed helplet booklets or hotlines. 

            Criteria #3 – Customer Reviews

            It goes without saying that customer reviews have to be good when we’re deciding who the best of the best is. But we don’t stop there! We make sure the reviews are authentic, and that’s becoming a rarer thing in today’s age. 

            In our review, we noted some places where reviews were questionable. However, due to the tricky nature surrounding detox kits that work by diluting urine, parsing reviews is very tricky. Because THC is fat soluble, many people will completely disregard detox kits simply due to the belief they are completely ineffective, greatly favoring synthetic urine instead. Is synthetic urine more likely to pass a test? Anecdotally, it overwhelmingly appears so, but the risks that synthetic urine brings may get you in greater trouble than if you had just failed the test. 

            FAQs to Buy the Best THC Cleaner

            Why Can You Use a THC Detox Kit?

            Most people use a THC detox with the hope of accelerating the elimination of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its metabolites from your body. While there are a few reasons people may use these kits for things other than passing a drug test, without a doubt, this is the most common reason people use THC detox kits.  

            How to Use a THC Detox Kit?

            THC detox kits come in several shapes and sizes, and while they all operate nearly the same, there can be quite a bit of discrepancy in their instructions for use. As such, it’s essential you understand the rules your kit instructs you to follow. Many brands offer a help hotline to help. 

            What Toxins Will Be Cleaned Out?

            Besides eliminating THC metabolites, different detox kits will proclaim they can remove other toxins such as alcohol. It’s incredibly difficult to vet what toxins and to what degree these kits are successfully doing. 

            Now, because most of these kits rely on heavy water consumption, we can look at the toxins water clears out. Water helps remove urea, a waste product formed from the breakdown of proteins. Water also supports liver and kidney function, which is our bodies’ main way to remove toxins. 

            How Long Do THC Detox Kits Take?

            Several factors will determine the rate a detox kit will cover up or remove THC metabolites. As such, please carefully read the product label before purchasing and using it. Detox kits that hide marijuana use are typically taken the same day as the test. Kits that help remove THC metabolites usually work over a 5-10 day time period. 

            How Can You Feel When You Detox From THC?

            The short answer is you’re probably going to feel like peeing a lot since so many kits rely on high water consumption. The long answer is you may feel cannabis withdrawal effects that include irritability and intense dreams. Detox kits can cause side effects directly related to them, such as heartburn. 

            Should You Prefer a Natural Weed Detox?

            Yes, absolutely! While detox kits may not inherently pose immediate dangers, it’s important to recognize that their effectiveness and safety can vary widely — especially, with some instructing you to drink concerning amounts of water. With that said, a natural detox is always going to produce preferable results as long as you can give your body enough time to detox before taking a drug test. 

            To Summarize: What is the Best THC Detox Kit?

            Often at the end of a product review, while we love all the brands we reviewed, we still pick a winner. Due to the time-sensitive nature of detox kits, we’re not doing that here. We looked at 5 great kits above that all work on different timescales. Additionally, one is designed solely to help with an oral drug test, while the others are designed for urine drug tests. At the end of the day, relying on a detox kit to pass a drug test is simply not the best method. The only surefire way to pass a test is by abstaining from marijuana. Additionally, you should stay well-hydrated and safely get as much fat off you as possible. If none of this is possible, then you may wish to look into alternative options for passing a drug test. However, please be warned that different methods can result in different punishments if caught.

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            Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

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