CBN for Sleep in Canada: Can You Get These Products?

There is potentially no other cannabinoid that can promote sleep like CBN, but with concerns over its intoxicating nature, consumers should be diligent about staying up-to-date on changes in laws regarding their cannabis products.

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Looking for help with sleep but are concerned that full spectrum marijuana products aren’t the best due to various reasons? Then CBN, the cannabinoid that’s likely behind marijuana couch-locking effects, may offer a preferable solution. Let’s explore whether you can buy CBN for sleep in Canada.  

Quick Reminder: Why You Should Consider CBN for Sleep?

Cannabis is known for a lot of things, but without a doubt, making us feel tired is definitely at the top of the list. However, while cannabis produces 100s of compounds that all seemingly have therapeutic effects, not all of them will make you feel tired. In fact, some can awaken and invigorate you. That’s not the case for CBN, the cannabinoid believed to be behind the classic couch-locking effects associated with marijuana. 

Due to concerns that delta-9 THC can impact and potentially delay REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, CBN’s weaker affinity for CB1 receptors and potentially weaker modulation of GABA transmission among others, may find itself as the preferable cannabinoid for treating insomnia. 

Can You Legally Get CBN for Sleep in Canada?

As of 2024, it is completely legal to buy CBN for sleep in Canada. Due to concerns regarding its intoxicating nature, CBN products may soon see limits on how much CBN they contain. Currently, until more research is available, Health Canada is advising producers to place the same limits on CBN that delta-9 THC sees. However, this should not fool you into thinking they create a comparable high. While CBN can heavily sedate you, it’s unlikely to make you feel high in the traditional sense. 

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Where to Buy CBN for Sleep in Canada?

Need help finding CBN to help with sleep? Then look no further, as we have three brands to check out. The big question you’ll want to ask yourself when looking for CBN is do you want it by itself or mixed with CBD? If you have only used CBD before, you may prefer a CBD + CBN combo, so those sedative effects don’t catch you off guard. 

Happy Bears

Coming in with the largest selection of CBN items, Happy Bears is a great company to look at when interested in full spectrum CBN. 


CBD2GO combines their CBN with CBD, offering it in liquid, capsule, and gummy form, giving you various ratios to try out. While not having as large of a selection as Happy Bears, they offer broad spectrum and isolate versions. 

CBD Magic

If you’ve been using CBD for sleep, you’re probably taking rather large dosages due to its biphasic effects. But thanks to items like CBD Magic’s CBD + CBN, there is a great chance you’ll be able to enjoy smaller dosages that promote greater sedative effects than taking CBD alone. 


In 2019, amendments made to the Cannabis Act legalized recreational cannabis items in Canada. Because of this, you can legally purchase and use CBN items, which are great for promoting sleep. Please stay up-to-date on the laws and restrictions in your region, as Health Canada is pushing for CBN and other intoxicating cannabinoids to follow the same restrictions that are placed on delta-9 THC. 

Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

Nicholas has spent the last ten years teaching gardeners, businesses, and enthusiasts how to succeed in the exciting and ever-changing world of cannabis. Whether he’s in the field getting his hands dirty or in the lab studying cannabinoids and their uses, Nicholas is passionate about bringing well-researched, factual, and concise information to an industry that very much needs it.

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