The Best CBD Flower Companies You’ll Find Online (Reviewed in June 2024)

Five fantastic CBD flower brands enter the ring, but only one will emerge as our winner. Find out why and which brands came close to taking the title as we review five of the best CBD flower companies.

Shortlist of the Best CBD Flower Companies in 2024

  1. Plain Jane CBD Flower Company
  2. Secret Nature CBD Flower Company
  3. Cannaflower CBD Flower Company
  4. Green Unicorn Farms CBD Flower Company
  5. Dreamland Organics CBD Flower Company

An Overview of the Highest Rated CBD Flowers Companies

At first, it can be tricky to know all the factors that go into creating the best flower brand. Then, it can seem like there are too many. That’s why we are walking you through several factors along with helping you decide which ones are most important for your needs.

Our Choice

Plain Jane

1 (n/a) from Plain Jane
Plain Jane

Plain Jane offers a 10% discount on your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Affordable prices on a large range of CBD flowers, oils, and more
  • Orders often contain a freebie
  • Fast delivery and free shipping on orders over $40

Living up to their namesake, Plain Jane offers a lovely range of professionally made cannabis products with no fuss and prices that are hard to resist. Reviews frequently report that ordering is simple and fast, and that they were often able to take advantage of discounts. 

While they do not offer free shipping on all orders, you only need to spend over $40 to unlock free shipping on domestic orders, which isn’t hard to do thanks to their large product catalog.

Now, if you’re looking for a lot of delta-9 THC in your cannabis flower, you’ll likely want to look beyond Plain Jane, who focuses on sourcing CBD hemp flowers. All Plain Jane hemp flowers comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and contain THC levels less than 0.3%. They do offer delta-8 THC-infused hemp flowers. 
Plain Jane offers third-party lab-tested COAs on all their products that are easy to find. At the time of this review, no COA was older than 10 months, which is great to see.

Product rangesCBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD joints
Price range$3.99 – $600
Hemp sourcesSouthern Oregon (indoor and sungrown)
Promo coden/a
Customer ratingsn/a
About the Brand

Secret Nature

1 (n/a) from Secret Nature
Secret Nature

Secretnature CBD offers a 15% discount on your purchase using our promo code: 15LIFE

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  • Fantastic variety of CBD and THC flower strains that are constantly updated
  • Extensive review history
  • Both unique and classic strain options

While not the most affordable CBD flower company on our list, Secret Nature CBD has a bag appeal that is simply loud and proud (frosty and pungent). 

The first thing you’ll notice about Secret Nature CBD is how professional everything is. The photography on all their flower options is delightful, and the hermetically sealed can or preroll tube their flower comes in is great for resealing your flower without worrying it’s going to dry out. 
Most of the reviews, and there are a lot, love Secret Nature CBD, but we did see a small but notable pattern of reviews that said product quality and shipping times didn’t match the higher prices, with one review calling them “the Apple of the hemp market”. Do with that as you please. For free shipping, you will need to spend $75+.

Product rangesCBD flower, CBD vape oil, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD gummies; Delta-8 flower, Delta-8 vape oils, Delta-8 pre-rolls, and Delta-8 gummies; THCa vape oils, THCa flower, THCa pre-rolls, and THCa gummies
Price range$35 – $249
Hemp sourcesn/a
Promo code15LIFE
Customer ratingsn/a
About the Brand


1 (n/a) from Cannaflower
  • Customer service cannot be beat
  • Unblemished reviews
  • A website perfectly designed for those unfamiliar with cannabis products

The first thing we noticed about Cannaflower was how inviting their website and product pages are. If you haven’t bought cannabis before and are still new to all its delights and range of effects, Cannaflower’s website is for you. They walk you through each strain’s taste and effects while providing a very easy-to-read breakdown of the cannabinoid and terpene profile. 

The products’ COAs are very easy to find as they are always on the product page, but we did see some COAs more than a year old. Cannaflower CBD’s pricing is par for the course, but we did see some nice discounts when buying at higher volumes that put some of their products at the lower-middle end of the spectrum. 
It was impossible for us to find a negative review on any of their products. In fact, many of their offerings only have 5 out of 5 reviews. While not the cheapest on our list, Cannaflower does offer free shipping starting at $50.

Product rangesCBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, and full spectrum CBD gummies 
Price range$8.95 – $60
Hemp sourcesU.S. (indoor, greenhouse, and sungrown)
Promo coden/a
Customer ratingsn/a
About the Brand

Green Unicorn Farms

1 (n/a) from Green Unicorn Farms
Green Unicorn Farms
  • Strong reviews across many websites
  • Affordable prices and sample bundles
  • Large variety of strains

Green Unicorn Farms has affordably priced hemp flowers with very strong reviews. They source their diverse lineup of hemp strains from Oregon, though there is some question about their organic status. Third-party COAs were always very easy to find, and many were absurdly up-to-date. However, we did find some approaching a year old at the time of this review, which is about our limit. 
Green Unicorn Farms’ website was very easy to navigate, with product pages that tell you a lot about their flowers. Now, they do walk a very fine line with their sativa and indica language. If you’re not growing cannabis plants, the terms sativa and indica are a bit meaningless to you. Free shipping starts on orders of $50 and up. We can’t forget to mention our favorite thing. When you open a product description for any of the strains, you’ll see how and where the strain was grown and by whom.

Product rangesCBD flower, CBD vape oil, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD gummies; THCa flower, THCa vape oils, THCa pre-rolls, and THCa gummies
Price range$9.99 – $179.99
Hemp sourcesOregon and Tennessee (indoor and sungrown)
Promo code20LIFE
Customer ratingsn/a
About the Brand

Dreamland Organics

1 (n/a) from Dreamland Organics
Dreamland Organics
  • 25% discount available to those on active duty, veterans, and their dependents
  • Offers both CBD and THCa hemp flower
  • Complex range of flavors and aromas in each strain

Offering both CBD and THCa hemp flowers, Dreamland Organics offers an incredible range of top-tier cannabis products. 

Upon first glance, you’ll notice Dreamland Organics has many glowing reviews, but after digging deeper, we started to notice some concerns. Notably, it has to do with a review they received from hemp reviewer Shabazz. There are rumors the company may have retaliated by mass reporting his YouTube and Instagram accounts. 

We only have good things to say about our experience with Dreamland Organics, however, they have officially been blacklisted by the Hempflowers subreddit. We would like to see them address these concerns because outside of Reddit, they have so many strong reviews and their own private farm. They have all the makings of being the best of the best, and we hate to see some unfair rumors hold them back.  Product COAs are incredibly easy to find, and most are very recent. Free shipping starts when you’ve reached $100. Last, Dreamland offers a unique and fantastic discount for the military.

Product rangesCBD: flower, oils, concentrates, vape oils, and pre-rolls and THCa: flower, oils, and pre-rolls
Price range$12.99 – $299.99
Hemp sourcesOregon (indoor, greenhouse, and sungrown)
Promo code25LIFE
Customer ratingsn/a
About the Brand

How to Find the Best CBD Flower Companies

While we always take an honest approach to our reviews, and explicitly tell you what we do and don’t like, we also like teaching our readers what they should look for. Not only will this help you select the cannabis products that work best for you, but it will allow you to search elsewhere or assist you in determining if the cannabis item you’ve already purchased is pulling its weight. 

1. Transparency

Because the hemp and cannabis industry is largely unregulated, transparency is so important when looking for the best brand to buy from. 

There are several factors that go into transparency, and it’s not always cut and paste. For example, bad reviews are just the nature of the game, but how does the brand react to the review? Do they simply ignore it, or do they do something about it? And if they are taking action, is it the correct action i.e. are they making things right by the customer

Other factors include third-party lab testing with easy-to-find up-to-date results, where they source their hemp from, whether their hemp is grown indoors or outdoors, and how they process/manufacture their cannabis products (hand or machine trimmed). 

When it comes to buying cannabis flower, the extraction method isn’t that important, but if the brand additionally sells concentrates, edibles, etc., check to see if they used CO2 extraction, as it helps indicate they treat the products with care.

2. Free Shipping/Discounts

One of the negatives to buying cannabis products online vs. in the store is the shipping cost. Now, all the companies we reviewed offer free shipping, however, you will need to spend a certain amount to unlock the offer. And as you’ll see when looking through our review, there were times when there were big variations in how much you needed to spend. 

However, one of the perks to buying cannabis products online vs. a brick-and-mortar store is there are often discounts available that can erase the extra costs that come from shipping. Combine that with a brand that offers a lucrative rate to unlock free shipping, and you can save a good deal of money by shopping conveniently online. 

Last, check around to see if the brand offers freebies when you order from them.

3. Potency/Effects

We looked at CBD, THCa, and delta-8 THC hemp flower with cannabinoids in different concentrations, and all of these will have different effects on the body. 

While we’d like to see the “sativa” and “indica” labels go away when talking about the effects felt from individual strains, we understand it’s a marketing term that customers are going to look for out of ease, and well…misinformation. 

As such, we try not to knock a company for using the terms, but we really want to see them use other descriptive terms, such as energizing, chill, relax, uplifting, etc., when describing the effects. Over-reliance on using sativa or indica is a fast way to cause us to question the quality, care, and knowledge of the product. 

We looked at a range of flowers, all with different ratios of CBD to THC. As such, it can be a helpful idea to keep a log/diary on hand so you can note which ratios/potencies work best for you.

4. Price vs. Quality 

Everything from flavor to potency to customer service goes into a product’s quality, meaning you need to weigh what’s important to you. For example, what do you prefer, a strain with a pungent smell or one that’s quickly shipped to you in case you’re close to running out of your medicine? 

After you’ve determined what quality aspects are important to you, it’s time you weigh the price. Sure, a nice smelling and frosty-looking bud is nice, but is it worth it to spend more on it when you can get an equally strong strain for $10 less that might not look as appealing? 

All of this means that you’ll want to experiment with different best CBD strains and brands to find your preferred flower that meets the golden mean. Make sure to pay attention to potency, as less potent flowers can sometimes offer a better bang for your buck. As well, indoor-grown cannabis tends to cost more, but it’s often worth it (smoother taste and higher potency). However, it’s less environmentally friendly.

5. Reviews 

One of the great things about buying cannabis flowers and other cannabis items online is you can check out the reviews first. This is so important, and you don’t want to stick to just the reviews on a company’s website, either. Unfortunately, fake reviews are a big issue, so make sure you’re looking beyond anecdotal reports by professional reviews and individual user reports such as the ones you find on Reddit. 

When reading reviews, make sure to pay attention to shipping times, price vs. quality, discount options, and the general language used. If the review sounds too good to be true or overtly vindictive, feel free to skip it, as all the brands we reviewed have more than enough reviews to parse through.

Pros & Cons of Buying CBD Online with These Listed Brands

There are pros and cons with all of these CBD brands, and what’s important to you, e.g., bag appeal, might not be important to another, e.g., affordable prices. When buying CBD online, it’s a great idea to create a list of what’s important for you. For example, are you looking for anonymous packaging, fast shipping, customer satisfaction/return policies, etc.? 

Before buying CBD or another cannabis product online, it’s important you are aware of your local cannabis laws, not just in your state, but even in your county. Last, but not least, be on the lookout for discounts and free shipping, as they are easy ways to save money when buying cannabis products online.

To Summarize: What are the Best CBD Flower Companies?

Thanks to their affordable prices, fast shipping rates, great reviews, and transparency, Plain Jane is our favorite brand when it comes to CBD flowers. We did note in our CBD gummy review that we’d like more transparency on the extraction processes Plain Jane implores, but for flowers that’s not much of a concern. 
Cannaflower came in at a close second, but we did have to ding them just a bit on the age of some of their COAs and discounts that were only available on larger orders.


Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

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