The Joy Organics Brand Story: A Journey from Personal Discovery to CBD Pioneering

Discover the transformative journey of Joy Smith and the rise of Joy Organics—a CBD brand rooted in personal healing, quality commitment, and a vision for a healthier, more compassionate world.

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Embarking on a transformative odyssey, Joy Smith, co-founder of Joy Organics, personifies a remarkable journey from personal discovery to pioneering the CBD landscape. At the helm of a leading brand in the CBD industry, Joy Organics stands as a testament to innovation and excellence.

Within its roots lies an extraordinary tale of healing and compassion, as Joy’s own quest for relief paved the way for a brand that would revolutionize CBD. This is the saga of Joy Organics—a narrative woven with compassion, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Genesis of Joy Organics: Joy Smith’s Personal Quest


Joy Smith’s journey began with a strain—both physical and emotional. Two years ago, she found herself in Africa, visiting refugee camps, when a shoulder injury became a persistent challenge. A Christian minister by background, Joy sought holistic solutions for her pain and sleep issues.

Initially hesitant due to CBD’s association with marijuana, her son introduced her to its potential benefits. Joy, driven by a desire to find natural healing, embarked on a personal experiment with CBD. Astonishingly, it worked wonders, alleviating both her shoulder pain and sleep struggles.

Informed by her Christian values, Joy saw CBD not just as a remedy but as a means of extending compassion and comfort. Her faith underscored the commitment to genuine well-being, spurring the inception of Joy Organics—a venture driven by compassion, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. 

This convergence of personal faith and wellness principles would shape Joy’s unique approach to business, establishing Joy Organics as more than a CBD brand but a beacon of healing and compassion.

Building a Family-Centric, Ethical CBD Brand

In the nascent days of Joy Organics, family played a pivotal role in crafting its narrative. Co-founder Joy Smith, along with her husband Todd and son, ventured into uncharted territory, inspired by personal healing experiences with CBD. Rooted in a commitment to quality akin to renowned retailers like Nordstrom, Joy Organics aimed to redefine the CBD industry’s standards.

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Their journey began with a strategic partnership, leveraging a friend’s extensive research on CBD. The family, bolstered by a shared dedication to excellence, embarked on the venture, even pinpointing the perfect brick-and-mortar location for their store in Fort Collins. The online presence soon followed, expanding the brand’s reach exponentially.

A hallmark of Joy Organics’ early trajectory was the unwavering commitment to transparency and ethical practices. The brand distinguished itself by adopting a proprietary extraction process, eschewing food-grade ethanol in favor of organic hemp and CO2 extraction. Notably, the introduction of USDA Certified Organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves reinforced their commitment to superior quality.

Key milestones, such as product launches, underscored the brand’s innovative spirit. Joy Organics continuously refined formulas, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and sourcing premium ingredients. 

These efforts culminated in the brand’s ascent as a leader in the CBD industry, setting benchmarks for manufacturing, testing, and quality. The family-led enterprise thrived, epitomizing a harmonious blend of compassion, integrity, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Innovations and Achievements: Setting Industry Standards


Joy Organics has etched a trail of innovation in the CBD market, setting itself apart with pioneering initiatives. At the forefront is their proprietary extraction process, a game-changer that eschews food-grade ethanol in favor of organic hemp and CO2 extraction. 

This ensures unparalleled purity and quality in their products. Another milestone is the introduction of USDA Certified Organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves, a testament to their commitment to superior standards.

These innovations haven’t gone unnoticed. Joy Organics’ relentless pursuit of excellence has earned them industry recognition, with awards and accolades underscoring their impact.

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 The brand’s commitment to crafting top-tier products through cutting-edge processes has not only set them apart but positioned Joy Organics as a vanguard in the CBD space, garnering acclaim for their contributions to the industry’s evolution.

Joy Organics’ Mission and Community Impact

Joy Organics is driven by a mission to enhance customer wellness through premium CBD products, exemplifying compassion, integrity, and excellence. Beyond individual well-being, the brand extends its impact to the community and the environment.

 Rooted in a commitment to compassion, Joy Organics engages in community initiatives and charitable work. From supporting local causes to global efforts, the brand seeks to make a positive difference.

Moreover, sustainability is a core value manifested through carbon-neutral shipping, the use of recyclable materials, regenerative farming practices, and a dedication to sourcing organic whenever possible. 

By prioritizing ethical and eco-conscious practices, Joy Organics endeavors not only to enhance individual wellness but also to contribute to the broader well-being of communities and the planet.

The Future of Joy Organics: Vision and Aspirations

Joy Organics envisions a future marked by continued innovation, expanding its reach and influence in the CBD industry. The brand remains dedicated to developing cutting-edge products, exploring new formulations, and contributing to industry advancements. 

Upholding a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Joy Organics aims to redefine standards and pioneer sustainable practices. Rooted in personal experience, this brand’s story is woven with compassion, integrity, and excellence.

From humble beginnings to industry leadership, Joy Organics’ narrative exemplifies a profound dedication to enhancing wellness, fostering community engagement, and leaving a lasting, positive impact on both individuals and the planet.

Enny Soyinka - Pharmacologist

Enny Soyinka - Pharmacologist

Enny Soyinka, a distinguished authority in the realm of CBD, merges scientific acumen with a passion for holistic wellness. With a background in pharmacology and years of research, Enny is a sought-after voice for unraveling the potential of CBD. Their insights illuminate the intricate interplay between cannabinoids and health, shaping informed perspectives in the ever-evolving CBD landscape.

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