Analyzing TerrAscend Corp.’s High P/S Ratio and Investment Potential

TerrAscend's high P/S ratio, backed by a significant 42% revenue increase last year and 155% over three years, reflects its market outperformance and growth potential, though investors are advised to consider more than just P/S ratios and include analyst forecasts in their decision-making.

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In the past month, TerrAscend Corp., a cannabis cultivator, processor, and seller in Canada and the United States, observed a considerable increase in its share price with a gain of 25%. This growth has aided the stock to recuperate from earlier weaknesses. Analyzing the company’s performance over the past year is even more promising, as the stock is up by 43%. However, some investors might be apprehensive about researching TerrAscend further due to its high price-to-sales (P/S) ratio of 1.8x. In comparison, almost half of the companies in the Pharmaceuticals industry in Canada have P/S ratios below 1x. Is this high ratio justifiable? Let’s delve deeper into TerrAscend’s accomplishments to determine if it is worth investing.

The Significance of TerrAscend’s High P/S Ratio

A high P/S ratio like TerrAscend’s typically indicates that a company should outpace others in its field. In hindsight, TerrAscend has reported an extraordinary 42% revenue gain in the last year alone. The company’s revenue has also surged by a whopping 155% in comparison to three years ago. This growth can undoubtedly be attributed to the consistent business expansion TerrAscend has experienced over the previous 12 months. Naturally, shareholders would be pleased with these medium-term rates of revenue growth.

It is significant that investors don’t base their decisions solely on P/S ratios when making investment decisions. However, these metrics can give valuable insight into market sentiment toward a company. In TerrAscend’s case, besides considering the high P/S ratio, it is also essential to assess analyst forecasts.

Analyst Forecasts Suggest Continued Growth

According to analysts’ estimates, TerrAscend’s revenue will continue to grow at a rate of 11% each year over the next three years. In stark contrast, the rest of the industry is only projected to expand at a rate of 8.3% per annum. This difference explains why TerrAscend’s P/S ratio is higher than that of its industry peers.

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Our detailed assessment of analyst forecasts for TerrAscend verifies that the company’s exceptional revenue outlook contributes to its high P/S ratio. So, despite having a high P/S ratio, TerrAscend’s past track record and future growth prospects make it an investment option worth considering.

Fair Value Estimates

Investors seeking to gauge TerrAscend’s prospects should look closer at its fair value estimate. A thorough examination of various metrics, including earnings, cash flow, and dividends, can give much-needed insights into the company’s ability to offer steady returns in the long run.

Risks and Warnings

All investments are accompanied by risks; understanding the possible warning signs and challenges associated with a specific stock helps investors make informed decisions. With regard to TerrAscend, diligent research on factors such as market trends, competitors’ performance, and future threats is crucial in gaining a comprehensive perspective on the company’s potential investment risks.


An essential aspect to consider when assessing the overall attractiveness of an investment opportunity is the dividend distribution. A careful evaluation of TerrAscend’s dividend yield and payout ratio can offer valuable insights into its financial strength and ability to reward shareholders with consistent returns over time.

Insider Transactions

Lastly, a robust analysis should also encompass any insider transactions conducted by TerrAscend’s top executives and board members. Such transactions can serve as a proxy for management’s confidence in the company’s prospects and provide a clearer picture of the business’s growth trajectory.

In conclusion, while TerrAscend Corp.’s high price-to-sales ratio may initially appear discouraging, delving deeper into the company’s revenue growth history, along with favorable analyst forecasts, implies that TerrAscend constitutes a potentially viable investment option for those seeking exposure to the expanding cannabis market.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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