CannMenus and Nugget Data Merge to Create Industry-Leading Data Powerhouse

CannMenus provides unique business intelligence tools and a dispensary menu search engine for the cannabis industry, complemented by Nugget Data's advanced analytics targeting various industry levels.

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CannMenus and Nugget Data Merge to Create Industry Leading Data Powerhouse

CannMenus, a prominent Chicago-based cannabis retail analytics company, and Nugget Data, an esteemed cannabis insights platform from Canada, have united to transform the interaction of businesses and consumers with cannabis data. This groundbreaking merger aims to create an unparalleled business intelligence platform that covers every legal U.S. and Canadian territory in the ever-growing cannabis market. 

Data-Driven Decisions for a Competitive Edge

The rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry has become highly competitive, making it essential for companies and investors to stay on top of trends and make informed decisions. The partnership between CannMenus and Nugget Data brings the combined expertise and resources of both firms under one roof, enabling them to provide their clients with actionable insights.

A Comprehensive Solution for the Cannabis Sector

Founded by Vib Gupta, Jonathon Carlyon, and David Adams, CannMenus offers advanced tools that help industry players monitor retail sales, prospect new accounts, manage inventory effectively, and analyze market-level trends to shape operational strategies. The platform stands out as the only business intelligence provider with same-day data coverage across all legal cannabis markets in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to its core analytics services, houses a comprehensive universal dispensary menu search engine that enables consumers to compare product offerings from various e-commerce providers. This extensive database empowers customers to make informed choices when purchasing cannabis products while providing invaluable insights into consumer preferences, pricing trends, and emerging opportunities for industry stakeholders.

Nugget Data, founded by Darcy McQuaid, Mackenzie Ferguson, Jake Crow, and Dylan Carter, complements CannMenus’ capabilities with a robust technology platform designed specifically for the modern cannabis landscape. Its sophisticated analytics tools target multiple levels of the cannabis value chain, including growers, processors, distributors, retailers, and investors.

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Industry Impact and Future Potential

This merger’s true potential lies in the synergies resulting from combining two formidable forces in cannabis analytics. As both companies merge their complementary platforms, industry stakeholders can access an unrivaled suite of business intelligence resources, helping them thrive in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of cannabis.

David Schachter, Chief Strategy Officer for the company, expressed excitement about the future possibilities created through this collaboration, foreseeing it as a major game-changer in the cannabis industry. With a comprehensive understanding of diverse verticals and the challenges businesses face at every stage, these remarkable leaders stand ready to revolutionize the ways companies leverage data to improve their operations, make strategic investments, and optimize growth.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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