The High Life: Cloth & Flame is Revolutionizing the Culinary World with Cannabis-Infused Dining Experiences

Cloth & Flame, founded in Arizona by Matt Cooley and Olivia Laux in 2017, offers exclusive cannabis-infused dining events using molecular gastronomy at unique locations, including historical sites and stunning natural landscapes.

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Cloth & Flame offer unique cannabis-infused dinning experiences

Founded in Arizona by husband-and-wife team Matt Cooley and Olivia Laux, Cloth & Flame is an innovative dining experience that combines molecular gastronomy techniques with unique cannabis-infused meals. Established in 2017, they have defied traditional restaurant concepts, focusing on exclusive private dining gatherings across various states and locations, including historical landmarks and awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

The Verde Series: A Celebration of Community and Cannabis Cuisine

Cloth & Flame’s “Verde Series” serves as the brand’s trademark event, offering an unforgettable communal cannabis dining affair with elaborate entertainment and imaginative infused cuisine inspired by personal experiences and experimentations. Each themed event spotlights the cannabis plant as the star-studded ingredient, boasting a diverse array of menu items enhanced with CBD, THC, water-soluble THC, and water-soluble CBN to produce distinct effects for each guest throughout the evening. From calming CBD to sedative CBN, attendees are guided through a transformative culinary journey, captivating all their senses for an unforgettable experience.

A Glance into Past Verde Series Events

  • “High Country”
  • “Hi Fi”
  • “Flower to Table”
  • “High Tea” at The Icehouse – Phoenix, Arizona

One memorable Verde Series event, “High Tea,” occurred at The Icehouse, a historic century-old building in Phoenix, Arizona. Guests were offered a drink containing a low dose of 2 mg water-soluble THC distillate, allowing them to customize their cannabis consumption according to personal preferences and tolerances.

A Menu Designed for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Each Cloth & Flame event offers a carefully crafted menu that highlights enjoyable dishes while under the influence of cannabis, ensuring guests have an extraordinary culinary adventure. The “High Tea” event featured appetizers like hot dogs inspired by a team member’s unforgettable experience in Denmark. Additionally, guests savored warm Hokkaido milk buns served with house-made jelly and butter.

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The Driving Force Behind Cloth & Flame

The founders of Cloth & Flame, Matt Cooley and Olivia Laux, focus on creating communal experiences that bring people together through experiential dining gatherings. According to Cooley, participants delight in feeling part of a community, sharing stunning locations and unique cannabis-infused meals alongside one another. Ultimately, the attendees become the core of each dining experience, helping shape unforgettable memories collectively as they indulge in innovative menus and strikingly beautiful surroundings.

Pioneers in the World of Cannabis Dining Experiences

Cloth & Flame continues to push the boundaries of modern-day cannabis cuisine, combining the principles of molecular gastronomy with creative infusions to develop truly unique and memorable dining experiences. As pioneers within the expanding world of cannabis-infused dining events, they consistently strive to offer remarkable settings, unparalleled ambiance, and outstanding hospitality, carving out their legacy within the luxury culinary scene.

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