Curio Fined for Health and Safety Violations at Maryland Dispensary

A dispensary's inventory manager revealed to the MCA through video footage that 64 units of Amnesia OG flower were improperly discarded and left in a dumpster for over 41 hours, yet sold to 42 customers with no reported adverse effects.

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Recently, a prominent cannabis business incurred fines due to numerous health and safety breaches at their outlet in Timonium, Maryland. Acknowledging these breaches, the company agreed to a consent order with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), recognizing that employees at the Far & Dotter store failed to follow essential protocols, leading to potential contamination risks, improper waste management, and inaccurate incident reporting.

Specifics of the Violation: Disposal of Amnesia OG Flower

The issue was brought to light when video evidence submitted to the MCA by a dispensary inventory manager in August 2023 showed that 64 jars of Amnesia OG flower were mistakenly discarded and left unattended in a dumpster for more than 41 hours. Despite this, records from the Metrc system revealed that this particular batch had been sold to 24 medicinal and 18 recreational cannabis users from July 28 to August 3, 2023, generating sales of $3,174.50. Notably, no adverse effects from this compromised cannabis batch have been reported to the company or regulatory bodies, as per the consent order.

Curio Co-founder’s Statement on Addressing the Incident

In response to this incident, Wendy Bronfein, co-founder of Curio, addressed the issue, confirming the company’s immediate action to resolve the matter. She reiterated their commitment to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in their operations and to address any concerns quickly, as evidenced by their immediate reaction to the waste disposal and logging issues at their Timonium facility.

Ongoing Monitoring and Regulation by MCA

The MCA, which oversees Maryland’s cannabis industry, plans to continue its rigorous surveillance of dispensaries to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Such non-compliance, like that seen at the Far & Dotter store, could risk undermining consumer confidence and the broader integrity of the cannabis industry.

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The Rising Concern of Health and Safety in the Cannabis Industry

This incident is indicative of an increasing pattern of health and safety issues within the fast-growing cannabis industry. As legalization spreads across various states for medical and recreational use, the scrutiny over regulatory compliance intensifies. Cannabis companies must prioritize implementing appropriate practices to ensure consumer safety and maintain their reputation in the industry.

The Criticality of Proper Cannabis Waste Management

One key area of focus is the correct handling and disposal of cannabis waste, a crucial aspect given the potential for environmental contamination and the spread of bacteria or mold to other cannabis products. Regulatory bodies like the MCA enforce stringent guidelines for proper cannabis waste disposal, and adhering to these can significantly minimize the likelihood of incidents similar to the one at the Far & Dotter store.

As the legal cannabis market expands, companies must continually improve their processes and infrastructure to meet regulatory standards and industry best practices. Regular operations evaluations and personnel training are essential to avoid health and safety breaches that could impact their competitive position in the market.
State regulators play an increasingly vital role in consumer safety and the legitimacy of the cannabis industry, especially as legalization becomes more widespread. They enforce stringent guidelines for cannabis businesses, ensuring all players in the market comply with health and safety standards to protect consumers and the environment.

The Need for Robust Procedures and Accurate Record-Keeping

In light of these recent violations, cannabis businesses must learn and adapt. Implementing strong operating procedures, stringent waste disposal methods and accurate logging are critical steps in building consumer trust and supporting the sector’s continued growth.

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Rita Ferreira

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