Custom Cones USA Offers $70,420 Salary for ‘Ultimate Stoner Dream Job’ as Social Media Content Creator

Custom Cones USA is hiring for an 'ultimate stoner dream job,' offering $70,420 to manage social media and create content for their new brand, DaySavers, with perks like smoking weed, product testing, and traveling to marijuana events.

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Day Savers Job Offering
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In a rather unconventional job advertisement, Custom Cones USA, a marijuana company that specializes in manufacturing pre-rolled joints, recently announced its search for someone to take on the “ultimate stoner dream job.”

The successful candidate will get paid to smoke weed while working as a content creator and managing the social media presence for DaySavers, the company’s new direct-to-consumer brand. This full-time role comes with a salary of $70,420 and an array of attractive perks, including cannabis product testing and all-expenses-paid travel to marijuana events nationwide.

What Does the Ultimate Stoner Dream Job Involve?

As enticing as the prospect of getting paid to smoke weed might sound, it should be made clear that the chosen individual will not be hired solely based on their love for cannabis. The role also requires a social media content management background, which will likely be the candidate’s main responsibility.

The job’s primary focus is to create engaging content for DaySavers’ social media platforms, helping the brand establish a solid online presence and connect with its target audience.

How to Apply for this Exciting Role?

To land this dream job, applicants must have a solid background in social media content management and strong storytelling skills. As mentioned earlier, a passion for cannabis and a knack for creativity are also vital.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, look for job postings on Custom Cones USA’s website or related social media platforms, where they’ll likely share more details about the application process.

This innovative employment opportunity not only showcases the growth of the marijuana industry but also reflects the increasing demand for skilled content creators and social media managers in today’s digital marketing landscape.

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A Booming Cannabis Market Serves All Niches

The cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth over the last few years, driven by the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in several U.S. states and countries worldwide.

Brands like DaySavers and Custom Cones USA capitalize on this expanding market by offering unique products and services. The search for a ‘professional stoner’ highlights the variety of opportunities available within the sector, attracting individuals with diverse skill sets and interests.

Redefining Professionalism in the Marijuana Industry

In the past, the notion of a professional working in the marijuana sector often conjured images of lab coats and sterile research environments. However, the spectrum of career paths within the industry has evolved tremendously, with positions extending beyond cannabis science and research.

From growers, processors, and dispensary workers to marketers and content creators, there is a wide array of professions involved in bringing marijuana products from the farm to the consumers.

The “ultimate stoner dream job” at Custom Cones USA and DaySavers serves as a testament to the artistic and creative opportunities that are flourishing in the marijuana industry, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a professional in this field.

With the continued legalization of cannabis and the opening up of new markets, it is only a matter of time before we see even more exciting career opportunities emerge. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of combining your love for weed with a fulfilling career and impacting an evolving industry, now might be the perfect time to explore these options.

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Rita Ferreira

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