Final Bell Rings in a New Era: Acquiring Dosist to Revolutionize Global Wellness-Driven Cannabis Market

Under Final Bell's management, Dosist plans an immediate expansion to New York and further into Florida, Canada, and possibly Europe, with DeLand expressing enthusiasm about the robust East Coast connections and high customer demand.

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Final Bell has acquired the wellness-focused cannabis brand Dosist in a strategic move to expand its presence outside of California. The acquisition deal includes not only the intellectual property of the brand but also its debt. Under this new leadership, Dosist is set to reach wider audiences who value healthy and active lifestyles.

Integration and Expansion Led by Dosist Founder

Dosist’s founder, Jason DeLand, will spearhead the integration process after the agreement. According to insiders from both companies, the primary goal of this alliance is to grow the wellness brand beyond its current regional market in California. Plans include extending its footprints not only across the United States but also as far as Europe, making wellness-driven cannabis products more accessible for health-conscious consumers around the world.

New York, Florida, Canada, and Possibly Europe on the Horizon

Under Final Bell’s management, Dosist is looking at an immediate expansion to New York within the month, followed by entry into the markets in Florida, Canada, and potentially Europe thereafter. DeLand spoke about his excitement about establishing the company in New York due to the strong connections that Final Bell has on the East Coast and the evident customer demand for their products in the region.

Dosist – A Pioneer in Cannabis Retail and Innovation

Since its inception in 2016, Dosist has emerged as one of the pioneering brands for bringing innovative, health-oriented cannabis products to the market. One of its most significant milestones was opening a retail outlet in Venice in 2019, becoming one of the first in the industry to achieve this feat. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a temporary closure of the outlet.

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Another remarkable achievement for Dosist was its vape technology featured on Time magazine’s “25 Best Inventions” list published in 2016, not long after the company was founded. This showcase brought global attention to the brand and reinforced its commitment to providing superior wellness solutions through cannabis.

The Road Ahead: Enriching Lives with Holistic Wellness

As Final Bell takes on a new role in leading Dosist into its next growth stage, both companies have expressed their excitement and optimism over what the future holds. Strengthened by resources from the acquisition, DeLand believes that it will be able to offer more holistic and all-encompassing wellness solutions at an even grander scale than before.

Technology Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

The innovative spirit embedded within Dosist’s foundation is set to accelerate as it moves forward, with Final Bell backing them up with a proven track record for introducing state-of-the-art technologies, such as the acclaimed vape technology, into their product offerings. Dosist’s consumer base is expected to grow exponentially worldwide when expansion plans unfold successfully.

Anticipation Grows as Expansion Draws Near

As preparations are made for Dosist’s imminent expansion into New York, followed by other key regions, there is an electric sense of anticipation. Consumers in these new markets eagerly await the arrival of their wellness-driven cannabis products – a testament to the surging demand for healthier alternatives within the industry.

In acquiring Dosist, Final Bell is committed to promoting cutting-edge innovation and fostering positive change within the global cannabis market. With their combined strengths, the future looks bright as they strive to provide healthier solutions for consumers, transform lives, and capitalize on untapped potential worldwide – this is only the beginning for Dosist under Final Bell.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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