FP Omni Technologies Shuts Down Amid Legal Struggles with TSYS Acquiring Solutions

FP Omni Technologies is closing down due to TSYS' actions and inactions, seeking to recover over $500 million in losses and investigate potential misconduct in the shutdown of their cannabis payment processing business.

FP Omni Technologies Shuts Down

FP Omni Technologies, Inc. has declared its intent to cease operations amidst persistent legal disputes and operational disruptions attributed to TSYS Acquiring Solutions LLC. Since its inception in 2020, FP Omni has played a crucial role in delivering secure, lawful, and compliant transaction processing services to numerous cannabis dispensaries and their vast client base.

FP Omni Technologies initiated legal proceedings against TSYS Acquiring Solutions LLC on February 28th, 2022, at the Superior Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. FP Omni charged TSYS with falsely claiming control and ownership of the payment gateway integral to FP Omni’s transaction processing. Additionally, FP Omni alleged that TSYS misrepresented its capability to offer payment processing services independently of any third-party consent.

On September 29th, 2023, the court rejected TSYS’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, enabling FP Omni to advance its allegations of contract breach, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and violation of the implied duties of good faith and fair dealing. Moreover, FP Omni was granted the right to seek both compensatory and punitive damages, along with other forms of relief.

Reasons for FP Omni’s Shutdown Cited as TSYS’ Ongoing Conduct

Despite the legal permission to pursue their claims, FP Omni announced its inability to sustain business operations or effectively serve its clientele, citing TSYS’ continuous actions and lack of action as the primary reasons. FP Omni also aims to recuperate the entire value of its business losses, previously estimated to exceed $500 million, and intends to uncover further evidence of potential wrongdoing by TSYS and others in the closure of a lawful, competitive cannabis payment processing entity.

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Effect on the Cannabis Payment Processing Sector

The shutdown of FP Omni Technologies marks a considerable blow to the larger cannabis payment processing industry. Being a significant player in providing compliant and secure transaction services, the exit of FP Omni Technologies may cause disruptions for many dispensaries and their customers. The lawsuit against TSYS Acquiring Solutions underscores the operational challenges within this industry.

Legacy and Prospects of FP Omni Technologies

Since 2020, FP Omni Technologies has been a pioneer in cannabis payment processing. The winding down of its operations signifies a notable loss to the sector. However, the ongoing legal conflict with TSYS Acquiring Solutions could offer critical insights into the hurdles faced by companies in this field. The resolution of this lawsuit may influence the regulatory framework and the interaction of financial service providers with the cannabis business community.

The Road Ahead Post-FP Omni Technologies

The future implications of the ongoing legal tussle between FP Omni Technologies and TSYS Acquiring Solutions for the cannabis payment processing arena remain uncertain. Although new entities might step in to fill the gap left by FP Omni, dealing with the dynamic market and facing established firms like TSYS poses significant challenges for new entrants.

Nonetheless, the continuous advancement in cannabis legalization for medicinal and recreational purposes, along with the escalating need for compliant and safe transaction processing services, signals that innovation will persist in this field. It is expected that new solutions will keep surfacing as companies and financial service providers adapt to the dynamically changing landscape of the cannabis industry.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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