Groundbreaking Study Confirms Safety of Long-Term CBD Use in Dogs

A recent study in Frontiers in Veterinary Science showed that cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, and CBG are safe for long-term use in dogs, as evidenced by a 90-day trial on 32 beagles and over ten years of post-market data.

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Groundbreaking Study Confirms Safety of Long-Term CBD Use in Dogs

Recently, the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has supported a new research project that highlights the safety of prolonged CBD usage in dogs. This investigation gains importance as it aligns with the increasing evidence suggesting the effectiveness of cannabis in treating conditions like anxiety and some dermatological issues in dogs.

CBD Well-Tolerated in Healthy Dogs for Extended Periods

In a recent edition of the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science, a study revealed that a range of cannabinoids, including CBD, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabigerol (CBG), were well-received by healthy dogs. Administered at a daily dose of 5 milligrams per kilogram of the dog’s weight, these cannabinoids proved to be safe for extended use. This research indicates that long-term use of these substances is not likely to cause significant harm to dogs.

A Unique, Comprehensive Study with Promising Results

Researchers dosed 32 healthy beagles for 90 consecutive days for this groundbreaking study. Additionally, they analyzed more than ten years of post-market surveillance data from the NASC Adverse Event Reporting Database. NASC President Bill Bookout stated that the results indicate that cannabis components are safe for long-term use in healthy dogs at the studied dose.

New York’s Stance on CBD for Animals

Last year, the governor of New York vetoed bills related to using CBD products for animals like llamas and alpacas. He cited safety concerns as the primary reason behind his decision. This highlights the continued need for studies similar to the one conducted by NASC to establish the overall safety and efficacy of CBD-based treatments for various animal species.

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Implications of the Study for Pet Owners & Veterinarians

With this new research, pet owners can now feel more confident about incorporating CBD into their dogs’ healthcare plans – particularly if they suffer from conditions such as anxiety or skin issues that may benefit from cannabis treatment. However, pet owners must consult with veterinarians before starting a CBD regimen for their furry friends and ensure they only use products specifically formulated for pets.

Veterinary Endorsement of CBD-Based Treatments Still Limited

Though this study’s results are promising, many veterinarians remain reluctant to endorse CBD-based treatments, mainly because limited research confirms their efficacy. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, the chief veterinary officer at the American Kennel Club (AKC), “until more conclusive research comes out, we recommend consulting your veterinarian before starting your dog on any cannabis-based supplements.”

Future of CBD in Veterinary Medicine

The findings of this seminal study open up exciting possibilities for the future of veterinary medicine. However, more research is necessary to broaden our understanding of how different cannabinoids interact with various ailments in dogs and other animals. Further exploration could lead to tailor-made cannabinoid treatments for specific health problems our beloved pets face. Consequently, care providers will be able to offer highly targeted therapies aimed at enhancing resilience, overall health, and longevity.

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