Heritage Cannabis Engages in Strategic Property Transactions with BJK Developments

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. has sold and leased back its Ontario and British Columbia properties to BJK Developments Ltd. for $9.7 million to bolster its North American and global expansion.

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Heritage Cannabis

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp., a pivotal player in the Canadian cannabis sector, has finalized a transaction with BJK Developments Ltd., involving the divestiture and subsequent leaseback of its assets located in Ontario and British Columbia for a total consideration of $9.7 million. This strategic financial move is aimed at injecting additional capital into Heritage’s growth strategies both locally and internationally.

Strategic Financial Move Promotes Growth and Reduces Liabilities

The CEO of Heritage Cannabis, David Schwede, has voiced his enthusiasm about the alliance with BJK Developments Ltd., highlighting the dual benefits of debt reduction and financial empowerment. This initiative is poised to facilitate an upsurge in the company’s revenue streams within North America, particularly in the Canadian and American markets. It will support the continued delivery of premium products, including medical-grade cannabinoid formulations and potent CBD capsules.

Introducing Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. stands at the forefront of the cannabis industry, supplying cutting-edge products for both the medicinal and recreational sectors in Canada and the U.S. With two licensed production sites in Canada, the company boasts an eclectic mix of high-end cannabis offerings, with acclaimed labels such as Purefarma and Pura Vida. Furthermore, their ArthroCBD™️ brand has a significant presence in the American marketplace.

Forging Ahead for Robust Growth and Increased Revenue

The freshly minted agreement with BJK Developments Ltd. ushers in a period of vigorous growth for Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. With this transaction addressing long-term debt under favorable terms, the company is well-positioned to enhance its innovative product pipeline, thereby strengthening its market presence and gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic cannabis landscape.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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