High Hopes: Hulu’s Dive into the Heart of LA’s Cannabis Industry

Hulu's new six-episode, mature-rated series delves into the cannabis retail sector, highlighting its growth and challenges in an era where marijuana use is increasingly legal and popular, particularly among younger generations.

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High Hopes
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Launching April 20, Hulu’s latest docuseries, High Hopes, ventures into the world of cannabis retail by chronicling the lives of two brothers who run a marijuana store in Los Angeles. With the increasing legalization and normalization of cannabis use throughout the United States, this series provides a fresh perspective into a rapidly growing industry.

A close look at America’s thriving cannabis market

Hulu’s new six-episode series, intended for mature audiences and listed as TV-MA, takes viewers on a journey into the cannabis retail sector, providing insight into both the challenges and rewards faced by those operating such businesses.

Considering that only four states in the country still view marijuana use as illegal, the time is ripe for an exploration of the American pot economy. The popularity of medical and recreational cannabis sales has grown exponentially, especially among the younger generation, which has been raised with the knowledge of its benefits and legality in many parts of the nation.

Celebrated producers behind ‘High Hopes’

The show is produced by ITV America and features acclaimed television personnel such as Jimmy Kimmel, popular late-night talk show host and comedian, as an executive producer. This docuseries marks another venture for Kimmel into the world of producing, adding to his portfolio, which already includes successful TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In addition to Kimmel, other notable names attached to High Hopes include Scott Lonker, Ben Steinbauer, Tim Cohen-Laurie, and Karl Hollandt, who are all set to serve as producers. Steinbauer also holds the position of showrunner for the series.

ITV America, the company behind the show, is no stranger to success as they are responsible for other hit TV programs such as Queer Eye, Love Island, Hell’s Kitchen, The Chase, and Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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A candid view into a budding industry

In ‘High Hopes, ‘ viewers witness two brothers tackling the demands of managing a pot shop in L.A., where the competition is fierce and the licensing process is rigorous. By giving an inside look into running one of these specialized stores in the California cannabis market, Hulu offers up-close examples of how individuals’ lives can change when entering this booming enterprise.

Apart from showing the professional aspect of operating a marijuana business, the series delves deeper into the personal lives and brotherly bond shared by the protagonists. The balance between documenting the trials the duo face as budding entrepreneurs in the cannabis space and showcasing their personal life dynamics makes for compelling content targeted at mature audiences looking for fresh entertainment experiences.

Significance beyond the small screen

The ‘High Hopes’ docuseries is not just about telling a unique story or providing reality TV entertainment; its launch comes at a pivotal moment in American history when the normalization and legalization of marijuana use continue to make headlines. In many ways, this little piece of entertainment serves as an opportunity for conversations surrounding marijuana to make their way into the mainstream media landscape, further pushing the issue into the public sphere.

Hulu, along with ITV America and the producers involved, seized the opportunity to capture the rapidly changing reality faced by millions of Americans who rely on medical and recreational usage of marijuana.

In a country where cannabis regulations seem ever-evolving, it is only fitting that a show like High Hopes finds its way onto people’s screens, making its mark on the representation and acceptance of this growing industry.

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Youngsters driving a generational shift towards cannabis use

If there is one thing that ‘High Hopes’ highlights, it’s the rapidly changing attitudes towards marijuana consumption in America. More and more people accepting marijuana as an essential part of their lives drives this change, including young adults who look up to celebrities like Kimmel creating quality content surrounding the subject matter.

Programs such as High Hopes contribute to the destigmatization of marijuana usage, providing opportunities for meaningful discussions to be held among friends and family alike and educating people about the actualities of the cannabis world versus relying on mere hearsay or stigmatized narratives.

A series with substance and potential impact

Through the stories it tells and the knowledge it imparts, Hulu’s ‘High Hopes’ does more than entertain – it paves the way for future conversations around the cannabis industry, enlightening viewers about facets of a thriving business they might not have known. As legalization trends continue to expand across the U.S., this show becomes yet another significant contributor to pushing change forward by telling the ordinary tales of those already deep in the heart of the cannabis retail sector.

With a successful production team behind it and relatable real-life characters at its core, Hulu’s ‘High Hopes’ promises engaging entertainment while addressing timely topics within the ever-evolving cannabis landscape in America.

Many are eager to see the effects this docuseries will have both on public perception and the television industry at large – but one thing is certain: interest in all things cannabis is undeniable, and High Hopes is poised to take advantage of that growing curiosity.

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Rita Ferreira

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