IES Unites with Apeks Supercritical to Propel Botanical Extraction Innovation Forward

IES's integration of Apeks Supercritical signifies a pivotal consolidation in botanical extraction, heralding a new chapter of innovation and client-focused enhancements, including a comprehensive suite of sophisticated CO2 extraction systems and bolstered assistance.

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IES acquires Apeks Supercritical

In a strategic move, Isolate Extraction Systems (IES), a leader in crafting advanced supercritical CO2 botanical extraction solutions for various sectors, has taken over its top rival, Apeks Supercritical.

Renowned for their high-precision supercritical CO2 extraction systems, Apeks has an impressive heritage in botanical extraction. This strategic move enables IES to extend its array of products and support services, merging the strengths of both entities to deliver state-of-the-art extraction technologies to its clientele.

Since its inception in 2012, IES has been at the forefront of the CO2 extraction domain, providing top-tier commercial and industrial equipment coupled with dependable consulting and operational support services. They also offer innovative support and maintenance programs, helping clients attain exceptional outcomes.

A Fusion of Mastery and Creativity

Mergers and acquisitions catalyze growth in all sectors, including botanical extraction. The fusion of IES with Apeks Supercritical demonstrates the creation of an integrated platform, serving the dynamic requirements of both the customer base and the market. With Apeks Supercritical’s two-decade legacy of innovation, the merger into IES’s operational model translates to an expanded selection of products and improved customer assistance for optimal results.

Strategic Acquisition Benefits for Clients

The synergistic effect of IES taking over Apeks Supercritical promises a wealth of advantages, from an enriched product lineup to amplified support capabilities, ultimately enhancing client fidelity and satisfaction.

Broader Range of Extraction Equipment

Leveraging combined know-how, the two companies present an extensive and varied extraction machinery suited for diverse industry demands and applications, giving customers access to customized product solutions.

Elevated Client Support

Understanding the critical nature of continuous and integrated support services for customer contentment and loyalty, IES is set to offer more comprehensive support mechanisms, integrating Apeks Supercritical’s customer foundation into its fold. IES is committed to ensuring a fluid transition for all stakeholders involved.

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Vision for the Future: Harmonized Innovation and Service

Isolate Extraction Systems and Apeks Supercritical are driven by a shared ambition to enhance and transform the botanical extraction process. This amalgamation marks a step towards establishing IES as a significant force in the CO2 extraction arena, combining their shared insights and expertise to introduce further pioneering breakthroughs.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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