Kaya Holdings Launches Oregon’s First Legal Psychedelic Treatment Center

Kaya Holdings Inc. has secured a license to offer psilocybin treatments at The Sacred Mushroom, their new holistic care center in Portland, Oregon, featuring a variety of therapeutic activities and flexible healing spaces.

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Kaya Holdings Launches Oregon's First Legal Psychedelic Treatment Center

In a groundbreaking development within the mental health field, Kaya Holdings Inc., an Oregon-based entity with cannabis credentials, has acquired a license to distribute psilocybin products across Oregon. This pioneering initiative allows the company to introduce the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics at its newly established center, The Sacred Mushroom.

Marking the onset of legalized psilocybin therapies in Oregon, Kaya Holdings, commonly referred to as ‘KAYS,’ is exploring the untapped therapeutic potential of psilocybin, the psychoactive substance found in certain mushrooms. Kaya Holdings emerges as one of the earliest U.S. entities to provide legal psilocybin therapies. With a competitive edge, KAYS has declared that it will open its advanced psychedelic therapy center within a month of receiving the license.

A significant transformation in mental health treatment methodologies

Craig Frank, CEO of KAYS, recently announced this transformative initiative through a press release, highlighting the profound impact this move is expected to have on mental health treatment practices and resource allocation. Frank noted that the launch of legal psilocybin treatments in Oregon signifies the start of what could be the most revolutionary change in the mental health sector, altering treatment protocols and resource distribution. The company’s unique approach to customer experience, the specially designed facility, and the committed team are all set to establish The Sacred Mushroom as the top selection for those seeking psychedelic-based healing and transformation.

The Sacred Mushroom’s philosophy of ‘room to roam’ 

Designed as a sanctuary for comprehensive care, The Sacred Mushroom will occupy the uppermost level of the historic Falcon Building in downtown Portland. The center will offer a broad spectrum of guided psychedelic experiences, guided by KAYA’s innovative ‘room to roam’ philosophy, which allows clients considerable freedom in choosing their therapeutic journey. This method includes features like plush seating and areas, private room options, an indoor garden, yoga, journaling, and listening stations.

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Oregon: Leading the charge in legalized psilocybin therapies 

With this bold initiative, Oregon is now the only state currently implementing a program that permits the therapeutic use of psilocybin. Kaya Holdings’ venture into licensed psilocybin therapy offers a bright outlook not only for the company but also for the global mental health community. This initiative marks a pioneering milestone in the U.S. healthcare landscape, paving new paths for patient care by leveraging the previously untapped potentials of psilocybin.

Propelling the future of mental health care therapies 

This initiative by Kaya Holdings is not merely about innovating treatments for mental health disorders. It also focuses on creating environments that enhance treatment experiences while incorporating extensive care methods. This legal adoption of psychedelic mushrooms and their potential benefits could set a precedent for other states to emulate, potentially transforming the dynamics of mental health care therapies indefinitely.

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